Places To Stock Up On Filter Coffee Powder In Bangalore

    Head to any of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, and you’re sure to run into a lane filled with the smell of freshly-roasting coffee beans. Skip the Starbucks and the Cafe Coffee Days, we say, even if you’re fond of their blends. Here’s our round-up of where to buy the best homegrown filter coffee powder in Bangalore.

    Suma Coffee Works

    Anyone in the vicinity of the Indiranagar Metro Station is sure to be greeted by the delicious smell of freshly-roasting coffee beans. That’s thanks to Suma Coffee Works, retailers of fresh coffee powder. Their premises may be humble, but the quality of their coffee is memorable. You can get the beans custom-ground to suit your preferences, ask for your preferred mix of coffee and chicory, and request other customisations. They also have an outlet in Jayanagar. 

    Kalmane Koffees

    Kalmane Koffees

    Mahadevapura, Bangalore

    Coffee beans sourced from the Kalmane estate in Chikmagalur and other coffee-growing areas are available at their retail stores that double as coffee-shops. You can pick from blends such as Peaberry, Madras Filter, or Mysore Maharaja, most of which are blends of coffee and chicory. Our favourite is the Mysore Nuggets coffee, an all-Arabica package.

    Sri Rama Coffee Works

    Srirama Coffee Works

    Malleswaram, Bangalore

    This little shop is busy enough that its owner will encourage you to show up rather than waste his time on the phone enquiring about blends. Besides the wide variety of pappadums, pickles, and other fare, they sell two varieties of coffee: pure coffee and chicory-blended.

    Malnad Seeds

    This tiny shop retails a bunch of goods from the beloved Malnad area – or the Western Ghats – including spices and coffee. It’s not a place to get freshly-roasted or custom-ground coffee, but we can vouch for the coffee itself. Here is one of the few places you can get 100-percent Arabica, which works perfectly well in both filter coffee and as black coffee.

    Vasanth Coffee Works

    Vasanth Coffee Works have been around since 1946, and have a loyal fan following for their coffee offerings. They retail a household coffee blend in “A Quality”, “Premium”, and “Pure” varieties, as well as versions for commercial gatherings. Several stores in South Bangalore also sell their coffee, but why not go straight to the source?

    Gayathri Coffee Works

    After a long evening of shopping at Sampige Road, if the smell of freshly-roasting coffee doesn’t give you pause, well, we would like to meet you. They’ve been around since 1915 in their Mysore premises, and while their store in Bangalore is a bit more recent – it opened in 2001 – the coffee is no less praiseworthy.

    Flavour Coffee Works

    This third-generation coffee shop offers not just a range of pure and blended coffee: you can also find a small coffee-tasting stall outside to try out different blends. Beans are sourced from the Coffee Board, which in turn come from either Hassan or Chikmagalur. They have an in-house roaster, and you can get your beans ground to the fineness you wish.


    Get many varieties of coffee(s), right right from the type of bean, to the roast. You can choose to buy the beans, or get it powdered in the grind you prefer. What's cool is that they also have the famed Civet coffee beans (and powder) for the coffee aficionados. Since it also functions as a cafe, you can sample the blends, roasts, and flavours at the cafe before you buy it.

    Coffee Day Essentials

    This one's a no brainer. Sprinkled across town, you'll spot them by their bright yellow signage. Their coffee blends, roasts, and flavours are quite popular across town. While most of them sell pre-packaged blends, with and without chicory, some of the smaller outlets will actually let you choose everything - bean, grind, and chicory mix too. Feel free to also pick up snacks, tea, and other tea and coffee time 'essentials' as their name advertises. Oh, and you can probably pick it up from most of their Cafe Coffee Day outlets too.

    Black Baza Coffee

    Located in Yelahanka, Black Baza Coffee is grown sustainably. Named after the small bird of prey found in the coffee growing Western Ghats region, the brand works with local farmers (they are fair trade). With zero use of pesticides, they grow single origin coffee beans and custom roast and grind them for you. Coffee beans are roasted on Saturday and dispatched from Monday to Friday  You can pick it up at their Sahakarnagar outlet, or buy it online.