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5 Anti Fit Dresses And Tunics We Are Loving From BIAS's New Collection

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    There is no time like now to say goodbye to those skimpy, difficult-to-breathe bodycon dresses and embrace the new fit. The anti-fit. And Delhi-based BIAS understands that to look good you don’t need to hold your breath in a skimpy dress. Enter the androgynous, anti-fit aesthetic which BIAS is so good at.

    And with their new collection, Slow Skies, BIAS has introduced a selection of roomy kaftans, loose tops and tees, palazzo bottoms and even relaxed outerwear {some of them hand-dyed with the tie and dye technique}. Good news. You don’t need to be a size zero to get into them. We are especially loving the kaftans and easygoing tunics. Plus, BIAS also custom-makes according to your size if you don’t fit into their available sizes. Our only grouse: the prices are a huge leap from their last collection which was wearable, affordable and also good looking.

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      Available Online