Pop Wheelies And Rip At India's First Off-Roading Track, Big Rock Motopark On The Outskirts Of Bangalore

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Feeling adventurous? Head to Big Rock Motopark for professional off-road motorbiking training and facilities. And if that doesn’t draw you in, the maybe the fact that biker CS Santhosh is behind it, will.

Skip The Asphalt

Remember when we used to play Motocross Madness as kids and wish it wasn’t just a game? Well, here’s your chance to live those dreams. An off-roading training facility and practice area, the Big Rock Motopark has a mix of trails with varying terrain to challenge even a seasoned biker. The brain-child of CS Santosh, India’s foremost off-road rider who quite calmly tamed the Dakar Rally {one of the most gruelling races of all time}, this one started about three years ago and is for those wannabe daredevils. Expect plenty of thrills, and if you’re a noob, then a significant amount of dirt in your mouth. Experts, you’ll love this for the joys of off-roading not too far from the city. Go on, rev it up. You know you want to. 

Rev It Up

Just over an hour away from Bangalore, is one of the largest off-road tracks in Karnataka. It’s about 500 meters of a dirt trail, apart from which the forested area around turns into your track. And not only can you go here to kick up some dust, but they also have weekend session where you can learn how to ride the toughest of terrains from the trainers. Think riding up rock formations, riding down them, navigating muddy pools of water, and even wet earth. Once you do the easier courses, the experts will assess your skill level and help you train on a mix of track and trail for the rest of your session. With six slots of two sessions every weekend, make sure you book in advance ‘cause they’re always booked full!

Get The Drift

And the best part is, you just need to book and show up. They’ll sort you out with safety gear and of course beautiful 2013 Honda 230F trail bikes to use on course. If you are an avid racer, or an enthusiastic learner, there’s also a few tents where you can live the travelling biker life, camp out and get on a bike for an early morning ride. Each of their tents can accommodate up to four people and there are four tents.

So, plan your bumpy ride and blaze your trail through the off-road terrains. VROOM!


Santosh is usually on the track to supervise and help, so make sure to ask him a few tips on improving. Usually a quiet person, also try prodding for tales of his adventures when on the track. It’ll almost as thrilling as riding!