Dosa, Upma & Filter Kaapi: This Basavanagudi Restaurant Serves Authentic South Indian Dishes

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What Did I Like?

As the name suggests, Vidyarthi Bhavan, this restaurant started way back in 1943 to serve cheap food for breakfast to students in the neighbourhood. Since then they have been Bangalore's legendary restaurant. This is due to the place having an amazing history attached to it, serving dosas and coffee in Bengaluru since the British era.

The interior and the seating arrangement is not at all fancy, with old school roofing and ceiling fans alongside natural lights coming inside via the roof. I had visited this spot for a Sunday lunch, which they started at around 2:30pm. Was lucky enough to get my table after standing with hundreds of people in a queue waiting for the restaurant to open for lunch.

The start of service was one hell of an event. Due to space constraints, we had to share the tables with others, and all our orders were taken. Then what happened next just blew my mind. You gotta see it believe it, a group of servers coming out of the kitchen with 10-15 plates of dosas stacked on their arms and serving them like as if it's no big deal. This kinda entry was damn appropriate for such a legendary South Indian outlet.

Finally, the dark brown dosas arrived on our table, I was surprised by the fact that seeing the amount of the ghee dripping from the dosa it still managed to be crispy with a soft centre. It was very nostalgic to munch on to such a historical recipe. Then arrived the best khara bhaat {upma} I've ever tasted. It was one of its kind, drowned in a pool of coconut chutney it was the smoothest upma I ever had. Also, not to forget the refreshing filter kaapi {traditional South Indian coffee} at the end. The coffee is so tempting and tasty that you won't stop at a single cup, neither did I!

What's My Pro Tip?

This restaurant remains closed on Fridays.

Anything Else?

Finding a parking space here is a pain. Also, you need to have the patience to wait in the queue to get a table, however, the food is totally worth the wait.