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These 8 Bath Salts Are All You Need For A Relaxing Bath Time


    You could dream of immersing yourself into a hot spring, with temperate still waters percolating through your pore and ponder over the health benefits of the minerals greeting your body whilst stimulating your senses, but is it viable on a daily basis? We don't think so. Or wait, is it ? Now it is, with an array of bath salts lined up on LBB's Shop which as a great set of flavoured & fragranced bath salts that are as therapeutic and medicinal, as they're relaxing. Now long days at work or school can be followed by a resounding dose of calm as these salts incorporate their magic into your system. Dissolve them in a bath tub, make a paste using oil and these salts to apply on your body or just soak your feet into a tub containing a water + salt mixture, choice is yours. Quick now, read what's ahead and buy yourself these bath salts. 

    Lavender Bath Salts From Indrani Cosmetics

    Lavender Bath Salts - 300gm


    Brimming with goodness of Magnesium Sulphate and Lavender Oil, these bath salts from Indrani Cosmetics are best suited for all skin types and are fragrant to another level. Use them in a bath tub or make a paste using some oil and the lavendar salts to be applied on your skin. Rinse in the shower and you can get the best results for any pain or stress soaring through your body. These come in 300g packs and can dissolve your pain and even your tensions away. Go on, buy them on LBB. 

    Lavender Hibiscus Enriched Bath Salts From Sohmya

    Lavender Hibiscus Enriched Bath Salts - 200gm


    Fight acne, stress and aches with the goodness of Hibiscus, Geranium and Lavender through Sohmya's Bath Salts. Made with natural elements and no additives, these salts are rich in anti-oxidants and can be used simply by rubbing on wet body or by dissolving in water. Go and thank us ahead once you feel all the pressure and stress ejected from within you by buying more of their products, on Shop for LBB. 

    Parijat Bath Salt From Luxuriate

    Parijat Bath Salt


    Luxuriate sells bath salts and their Parijat Bath Salt is Jas-mine and nobody else's (geddit moment #2748) because of its paraben-free, cruelty free and natural properties. These salts come with Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt and Essential Oils that are best to go with any skin type. Just rinse your legs or body in a bath tub or a bucket of water and watch the magic unfurl. This brand's products made with entirely organic ingredients. 

    Energizing Rose Bath Salts From Laviche Bath Essentials

    Energizing Rose Bath Salts


    This bath salt from Laviche Bath Essentials has salts from the Dead Sea and the Himalayas to make it a power packed mineral booster for your skin. Containing the goodness of actual rose petals and Epsom salts, this bath salt is cruelty free and is ideal for a rejuvenating dip into a bathtub. Take in the aroma of the rose petals as you melt into the pleasures of this bath salt, available right here on LBB. Packed in a 250g bottle, there is enough for everyone to use. 

    The Grasshopper Lemongrass Bath Salt From Bare Necessities

    The Grasshopper Lemongrass Bath Salt (120g)


    Powered by natural, bare Indian ingredients, Bare Necessities sells bath salts as rich, effective and vibrant as India's flora and fauna itself. The Grasshopper Lemongrass Bath Salt exudes the aroma of lemongrass as the organic coconut oil, rock salt and epsom sea salt work their magic on your skin exfoliating it. Priced at around INR 500 for a 120g container, this is a steal deal that you have to buy, on Shop for LBB.

    Stress Relieving Pink Himalayan Bath Salts From Kaura India

    Stress Relieving Pink Himalayan Bath Salts - 70g


    Thick crystals of a blend of salts characterise Kaura India's bath salts that consist of Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Sea Salts, ideal for normal skin and a perfect tester for how these salts work on your body. Try them out whenever you please and see the results for yourself. These are not particularly flavoured and come with only the salty goodness for the skin and some florals, oils. Stir the salt in a tub of water and wait for the natural oils to be released as the bath salt dissolves. And hey, this salt is handmade. 

    Rose Bath Salt From Ojas

    Rose Bath Salt


    These guys like to keep it simple with their rose oil and epsom bath salt. Ojas has its bath salts derived from ayurvedic techniques and these are the perfect repellants for dull skin in dire need of life. Their salts will not just do their bit by replenishing your skin but will also deliver a pleasant experience because of the organic ingredients used in the products. Keep them away from eyes and dab a paste on your skin or in a water soluble mixture for the most soothing after-effects. Buy their products from LBB Shop now. 

    All Natural Revitalising Bath Salt From Simply Earth

    All Natural Revitalising Bath Salt


    We know how cool bath salts can be but we at LBB want to make this experience cooler through Simply Earth. The brand's revitalizing bath salt keeps up to its name through the cooling Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oil. These will ensure a cool experience for your feet and also provide relaxation. There's even Shea Butter and Epsom Salts to keep your skin moist. You know the drill -- dissolve or make a paste, and enjoy.