Home Decor That Is High In Appeal, Function & Style - Prepare To Say So Wood!

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever walked into a wood floored space or a wooden cabin and felt at home almost instantly? Such is the allure of wood, woodn't you agree? Mumbai-based home accessories and decor label, Studio Indigene certainly does, which is why their medium of choice is this deep, mysteriously dark and versatile material. But how experimental can one get with something as rigid as wood, you ask? Well, if you're backed by a team of architects and deft wood workers, we'd say A LOT. 

Studio Indigene's genius lies in introducing wood to your home in ways that will bring layers of functional comfort to every nook and corner. Imagine unconventional but strikingly good-looking stationery holders, ladle/cutlery holders, lamps, planters, vases and tealight holders. We absolutely love how edgy architecture comes through in their minimalist designs. It's all cleans lines and sharp geometrical shapes, gorgeously distinct wood grains and very little else. After everything is crafted by hand, including the sanding process, every piece is polished using natural substances like oil. 

The idea is just to enhance the already existent beauty of wood. But not any ol' wood -- only reclaimed teak wood (the vase you buy could be a product of a 100-year-old, so cool!) or Acacia, a tree native to Maharashtra. If you're already blown away by Studio Indigene like we are, be sure to check out these pieces on their range -- the Framed Cube Lamp, Tubular Vase, Faceted Cube Planter and the Carved Spherical Planter. Or just browse through it all! Nothing will disappoint.


Prices start at INR 700 upwards. Studio Indigene has recently expanded their collection of products. So including table top decor and accessories you will also spot wall installations and wall and ceiling lights. Some of the designs are uber cool, and incorporate other natural mediums like brass and resin. Click on Shop Now to buy on LBB!