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Chilli Apple Pickle, Bacon Jam, Fruit Mustard: This Home Cook Is Condiment Queen

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What Makes It Awesome

Food is great but a condiment can make it greater. Seriously, who doesn't love dipping in a little bit of this and nibbling on a little bit of that while eating. We're salivating at the thought of this, and all that Spiquant did was put this in overdrive! Started by home cook, Sonia Rodrigues, this little venture got us because of its delicious sounding relishes, pickles and preserves. These were created on a whim says Sonia before she began perfecting the recipes.

She makes all her condiments in small batches and sells them in 100ml no fuss mason jars. If you look at them, you'd know they came out of a home like yours. No ingredients mentioned on the label, just straightforward dish names! The Chilli Oil is a hot seller so far. It has the warming chilli of course, but is also nutty from a sesame. Great as a dipping sauce or even in a stir fry or marinade. In more unfamiliar territory you have Papaya Preserve, raw papaya in a mildly spiced syrup of nigella and fennel seeds. There's also a jammy Sweet Tomato Relish and spicy tangy Chilli Apple Pickle. 

Sonia has also introduced an exciting Christmas special menu (that she intends to continue even after the holiday season, yay). This one features Apple and Pumpkin Butters, a mean sweet and spicy Bacon Onion And Chilli Jam and also an interesting Fruit Mustard (dry fruits laced with grainy spicy mustard) and a heavenly Fudge Sauce (has some coffee in it too!). 


Prices start at INR 90 going up to INR 220 for a bottle of deliciousness. We recommend buying a couple of each because you can run out real fast. Pre-order at least two days in advance and have your order Dunzoed anywhere in the ooru.