Skin Troubles? Pick Skin Pot Co For A Bare-Faced Radiant You!

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Skin Pot Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

Unlike the freedom of choice we usually have in most areas of life, a choice on whether to skincare or not isn't even up for discussion! This is because taking care of your skin is a habit you should (have already) form as soon as you can. What you do have a choice in is picking the right brand for your skincare needs. How does a range of products that works with the physiology of your skin sound? This is what Skin Pot Co promises and they are taking a whole lot of help from science to deliver. 

We know lately it's been all about natural extracts and ingredients or nature in a bottle but chemistry ain't all that bad, especially if you've spent 30 plus years on R&D. Skin Pot Co takes comfort in science and their meticulously crafted formulas that claim to be precise, efficient and designed to work with the skin. What goes into their pots, the brand shares, is there for a specific therapeutic reason. In short, no fillers, just active ingredients free of parabens, silicones, mineral oil, SLS & SLES, synthetic fragrances, essential oils, alcohol, ingredients of animal origin, and more. Their website is super informative and only makes statements backed by facts, in case you'd like to do some research.

As for the products available, Skin Pot's pots have potent Detox Face Washes, Intense Repair Hydration Serums, Retinol Oils, Collagen Boosting Peptide Crémes, Broad Spectrum SPF, and Repair Sleeping Masks. Similarly, with limited products, there is an intimate well-being range too. Personally, we believe, the fewer the products, the better, and given that these are powerful formulas, we're rooting for happy skin days ahead. 


You can buy Skin Pot Co's products on the LBB Shop. Prices range from INR 500 to INR 1,500. Currently, the brand is on discount, plus you can use your LBB perks for additional money-saving!