Taste The Hills With Teas Of All Colours & Flavours From This 120 Year Old Brand!

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What Makes It Awesome

Tea lovers, you know the peace of settling in with a hot cup of tea. Getting a few from Octavius Emporium. Established in 1898 they’ve been in the business for a while. No really, they have black tea, white tea, green tea, organic tea, wellness tea, flavoured teas, and classic chai too. No matter how you like to make it, there’s something for you. 

They have loose leaf options like lavender green tea, and lemon ginger green tea among others. Exciting options include flavours like marigold and lemongrass, hibiscus, clove & lemongrass green tea. For chai lovers, apart from chai powder, they also have masalas, if you’re into that (and sell it as a combo). All their teas are also available as regular tea bags and infusion bags (you know, those pyramid tea bags?). The teas are grown in Assam, Darjeeling, the Nilgiris, and the Duars. You can choose the autumn flush, or the second(summer) flush teas.

Keeping it all about the tea, they sell teaware too. Infusers in different shapes, pots and kettles, and speciality glasses and heaters too. The best part is that they also sell a whole bunch of assorted, and gift sets so you can sample something before buying more. And they sell their teas on LBB, so you can order some now!


They also sell different kinds of coffee, including green coffee. A little bird on the street tells us that they’ll be selling matcha too!