Make It An Adventurous Getaway At This Camp On The Banks Of The Manchinbele Dam

Camp XtremeZone


If a challenging rope course, kayaking as the sun sets, camping around a bon fire and general adventure sports is your kind of fun, head over to Camp XtremeZone

What Makes It Awesome

Perfect for team outings, friend looking to skip the bars and pubs or even families looking for adventure, you can choose to go for the whole day, or camp there, like we did. Getting there itself is an adventure — park at a nearby village and kick of the action with a good 1.5km trek to the camp. We started with a leisurely walk around the area, and up to the hilltop where we strapped up for zip-lining. You’ll come rushing down the rope onto a flimsy looking platform. Too easy? Not to worry, higher up lies the rappelling rocks. If you know the ropes {geddit?} then freely climb down; if not, a very knowledgeable team, will help you learn the technique. Break for lunch, because trust me, you’ll be famished. Nothing like rice, dal, subzi and some chicken to sooth the muscles. We even caught a quick snooze after this. Coffee woke us up, and we were ready and raring to go. Bring on the paddle boats and canoes!

Safe for those who don’t know how to swim, calm waters, a beautiful sunset and birds heading home for the night will make the perfect Instagram moment, if ever there was one. Thankfully, mother is great at this, because it really takes a toll on the arms! Back on shore, since we were staying the night, a bon fire of eucalyptus leaves (to keep you warm and the mosquitoes away), welcomed us back. Bringing cards or board games is a good option, unless chatting is high on the cards. Our tent, roomy and airy (it even had windows) was comfy, but do beware the monkeys in the morning, who’ll make it their mission to wake you up by screeching.

The next morning we were ready for the highlight of the camp – the high ropes. An up-in-the-air obstacle course made entire out of ropes. With grit, determination and presumably strong arms, we ascended the platform and with a safety harness we set off to beat the record – the entire course in 1.36 minutes. We finished the course with pride and dignity intact, but the time… let’s just ignore that, eh?


Carry plenty of Odomos and clothes that’ll work as swim wear – shorts and tees are great. Oh, they also have paintball, but call ahead and book it.

Camp XtremeZone