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Get Handmade Gourmet Cheese Delivered To Your Doorstep From This Brand

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Looking for vegetarian Parmesan? Or want a wheel of Gouda for all your cooking experiments, but can't find it? Order it from Caroselle, or pick it up when you're holidaying in Kodai.

What Makes It Awesome

Cheese Connoisseurs that don’t want to (or can’t) break bank sourcing fancy cheese from across the world, and prefer to get from some of the more local options, add Caroselle to your list. And you can receive at your doorstep, straight from Kodai!

A relatively small dairy farm, they believe in slow curing and curation of cheese to get the most authentic flavour, without too many industrial interventions - the old fashioned way. Currently, they make Feta, Gouda (regular and with black pepper), Edam (the outer, Cheddar (young and aged, and we loved the sharpness of the latter), Monstasiao, and creamy Camembert. Available as slabs, halves and whole cheese wheels (or ball, in the case of Edam), the softer, creamier cheeses come in boxes (duh), all the cheese is made and processed by hand. Occasionally, they also sell them by the slice (especially at pop-ups). All cheese (like Parmesan and Gouda) is pure vegetarian they assured us, as they only use microbial (and not animal) rennet to process it. 

All the cheese is suitable for cooking and plain consumption, and they’ll be happy to guide you with what you can use it for, or meal pairings if you ask. You can pick up the cheese at their centre in Kodaikanal, 10 Cuts of Cheese, or place an order through their website or social media, or contact them on +919901860393 to be delivered home. 


You can even get a yearly subscription and get it monthly, or pick it all up at once if you have the appropriate storage space for them.