Have Your Little Ones Grow Into Nature Lovers With These Kid Friendly Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Wildpaper was started by Vaishnavi after she gave birth in order to bond with her offspring. The brand specialises in child friendly games, posters, collectibles and decor products that help in a child’s physical and mental growth. We fell in love with this brand because of its affinity towards nature and wildlife that Vaishnavi believes are musts for kids to grow fond of. They also have puzzles, books and decor products that aid in developing the child’s curiosity, motor skills, memory and visual development. These products are for kids under the age of seven and also help in keeping the parents and caretakers informed as to which product serves a particular purpose in the child’s development.

If your little one loves games, the Around The World puzzle should be the ideal pick wherein they can learn the roots of animals and also get a way to spend time fruitfully. Then there’s Mummas & Pappas In The Wild, a set of books where kids can learn about animals and their protective instincts. Best till when they can read. Another great choice is the folding out Into The Wild book which offers contrast imagery for kids to see the jungle scape clearly. We suggest you just leave it open when your kid is lying down or sitting somewhere. For those of you wanting to decorate the little one's rooms, get the non-tearable posters that come with matte posters of butterflies and other animals on non-tearable paper. We even loved their painted wall art, the one with the flamingoes being our favourite!

The brand also sells About The World puzzles and products on dinosaurs to prompt discussions on evolution. Prices range around INR 150 - INR 1,799.


They even have combo boxes that include a set of activity sets in one pack (two books, colour pencils, colouring book and card game).