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Baked Yoghurt, Fluffy Eggs And Columbian Roast Coffee: That's The New Chefkraft Cafe For You

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This is a great spot to catch a post-workout or pre-work breakfast if you want to kickstart your day healthy and light!

Chow Down

Baked yoghurt with fruits, Grilled Chicken with eggs and roasted tomatoes

Sip On

Rejoov juices

Winning For

Very reasonable prices and a delicious breakfast.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The cafe is located on the fourth floor of Volt Energy Club {a gym}, and overlooks 12th Main. Since it’s more of a to-go cafe, seating is limited to only three tables, though if you’re looking to stay you can also grab a seat on the bar stools all along the side. An exercise studio protrudes slightly into the cafe, so if there’s a class going on it’s not the most private place to be sitting at.

What’s On The Menu

The cafe closes at 11am, so my breakfast companion and I headed there at 10am for a late breakfast. I ordered the baked yoghurt with fresh fruit and homemade granola, as well as a Berry Blitz smoothie. He got the egg with grilled chicken and roasted tomatoes, and cold coffee. The cold coffee isn’t officially on the menu, but they happened to have a delicious Columbian roast lying around and obliged. Despite being already prepped, it took a while for our food to reach the table.

Breakfast Is Served

The yoghurt was slightly sweet and absolutely delicious, and came with blueberries, raspberries, figs, pomegranate, peaches and apple! The homemade granola was super crunchy and glazed with honey. We loved the grilled chicken, egg and roasted tomatoes — the chicken was flavourful and tender, and the perfectly-made sunny side up egg served as a dipping sauce of sorts. The tomatoes were roasted with with garlic. The biggest disappointment, however, was the smoothie I ordered. They used the berry Rejoov juice as the base, and the additional INR 70 for a smoothie wasn’t worth it, as I saw only three berries and half a spoonful of yoghurt were added in.

So We’re Thinking...

Head here if you want a delicious, wholesome breakfast without breaking the bank! While the place could use some sprucing up in terms of decor and general cleanliness, the cafe is still pretty new so we think these teething issues will eventually resolve themselves.