Sarees, Wedding Cards And Lights: Chickpet (Pretty Much) Has Everything Money Can Buy


    At least a few centuries old, Chickpet sits close to the city centre and can be best described as a labyrinth of shops. Make your way around and you’ll find everything from gorgeous sarees to budget-friendly plastics for your kitchen and antiques plucked from the far corners of India. Here are the best Chickpet buys:



    Rukmini Hall

    Chickpet, Bangalore

    The main Chickpet area is made up of boxed in complexes and age-old shops that specialise in sarees. Silks are the mainstay and pretty much all through the year, you’ll see brides and their families troop in and out of these establishments. In glitzy shops like Kuberan you can browse through stacks of Kanjivarams and other silks. If you are looking for a more curated collection, then, the iconic Rukmini Hall is the place to be. You don’t have to limit yourself to silks. All the shops sell blingy, Bollywood-style synthetics, kinds of cotton, crepes, Tussars and whatnot.

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    Bangalore’s most famous antiques store – Balaji – is a hop, skip and jump away from Chickpet and is tucked away into an alley just off Avenue Road. Here, you can pick from a vast collection of figurines, wall panels, typewriters, and knick knacks from eras gone by. Nearby, Seetha Phone Company is legendary for its gramophones and vinyl records.

    Books And Stationery

    Whether you are a dedicated bookworm or someone who scurries for textbooks at the last minute, Avenue Road is the haven. At the start of the busy shopping street, you’ll bump into hawker after hawker displaying neat stacks of books – from the latest bestseller to college books. Looking for everyday stationery? Then, step into one of the shops (or even this cart) at the side of the street where you can pick up notebooks and pens.

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    Wedding Cards


    Sultanpete, Bangalore

    Looking to floor your guests with a knockout wedding invite? All roads, for you, lead to Sultanpet. Just round the corner from Chickpet, Sultanpet is home to rows of shops, each displaying invites of all kinds. From fancy wedding invitations to Chota Bheem-themed party invites – there’s little you can’t find here.

    Fashion Accessories


    Chickpet, Bangalore

    Forget Commercial Street, one trip to Chickpet and you’ll know which is Bangalore’s real budget shopping paradise. In Chickpet, the crowded roads are lined with hawkers standing over large displays of earrings. Skip over to the OK Road and you can scour shops selling cute clips, scrunchies, bindis and fashion jewellery.

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    Home Needs And Cutlery

    OK Marketing

    Chickpet, Bangalore

    The bylanes of OK Market, which’s right behind Raja Market, offers everything you need to stock up your home supplies and kitchen cabinet. This is best for those of you on a budget and wants functional plastic and steelware. Utensils, laundry baskets, storage bins, plastic jars, and basic cutlery – they have it all!

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    Chickpet, Bangalore

    Those of who aren’t really into sarees needn’t go home disappointed. Chickpet has plenty of shops selling colourful, salwar kurta sets, leggings, fashionable kurtas and even over-the-top lehengas – all at wholesale rates.


    BVK Iyengar Road

    Chickpet, Bangalore

    Light up your home with budget lamps and chandeliers on BVK Iyengar Road. You can get simple wall lamps for your bedside, vibrant cascading chandeliers, geometric metal lamps, and even simple, fairy lights.

    Party Supplies

    For that next big blowout, head straight to OK Road. You can get sparkly streamers, peppy banners, party hats, pom poms, and candles. Want to stock up your fridge? Then, head to Gundopanth Street near the Metro for stacks of fizzy drinks and packets of crispies. You can also pick up use-and-throw cutlery here.


    Avenue Road

    Nagrathpet, Bangalore

    Gunning for gold or just want plain silver, Chickpet and Avenue Road are great places to pick up bling. Avenue Road has plenty of shops selling traditional gold ornaments and is popular with wedding parties. For silver, you can hop over to CT Street for trinkets and even idols made with the metal. If you’d like to get something polished, then, Raja Market is the place.