Filling, Cold Pressed Juices from Rejoov that actually taste delicious

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If it’s a juice cleanse you’re looking for, then Rejoov fits the bill – fresh, hygienic and without any preservative. Plus, them juices actually taste delicious.

Pressing matters

While other freshly pressed juice companies are out telling you to have juice only, we love that Rejoov calls them snack replacements. Not that they’re condoning over eating and indulgence, but telling you that this is not a meal replacement, gives them brownie points, we think. Designed to fulfil the bare minimum energy requirement, which is about 300-400 calories, for the day, these cold press juices add in fibre and protein which will kill your munchies!

Juicy details

There’s seven juices on offer with various plans to suit your lifestyle. Weight Watch, made from all things green and good {like kale, celery, spinach, cucumber and parsley among others} this one is the antioxidant and helps nourish while also knocking off calories. It also does really fill you up, with minimal calories while also giving the mind a wake-up call. Green Infusion – with green apple, lemon, goji berry, orange in addition to a few other fruits and veggies} is all about dietary fibre so hit it the reset button with this one when you feel your stomach needs some rest. Get your defences up with the Pure Defence immunity booster which has apple, carrot, beet, orange, turmeric, papaya, coconut water and sunflower seeds.

Total detox

Want to retain your youthful look? Ever Youth, loaded with pineapple, papaya, pomegranate, carrot, chia seeds, mint and coconut water, will sort you out. Nut Pro is for those constantly on the go – almonds, honey, cinnamon, sea salt, and vanilla. Hydra Flush – pineapple, beet, carrot, cucumber, lemon, celery, orange and mint, is for the hydration boost. The last of the lot is Forti Fire which is light but potent when it comes to a complete rejuvenation. Almost like healing water, each component – pineapple, coconut water, chia seeds, lemongrass, lemon, blueberry and mint, fight a different battle ranging from inflammation and dehydration to stabilising blood sugar and lowering pressure.

So we’re thinking…

A fantastic option to keep healthy, these juices really do live up to the promise. Delicious, refreshing and loaded with nutrition, they really did dispel the inhibitions we had about juice cleanses. Bonus points for the cute little cloth bag/bottle carrier that these juices arrive in.

Where: Available at Foodhall and Spar supermarkets and also on

Contact: +91 9108517927

Price: INR 999 upwards for a six-pack juice bottle

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