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Broke Your Laptop Or Phone? These Kind Folks Will Come Pick It Up, Fix It And Bring It Back To You

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A service as polite and efficient as one of our favourite fictional butlers, Jeeves is an online service which will come to your home, pick up your broken electronics, bring it back to life, and return it to you!


Working It

Jeeves is a repair service that includes pickup and delivery to your doorstep. They offer a bunch of services associated with IT services {Information Technology}, kitchen, home and even security: maintenance, repairs, servicing, and sourcing of accessories if required. So the next time Be it Mumbai or Rampur, Jeeves has a local service hub where you can easily service your DVD player, TV, washing machine, or that mixer {which every Indian family owes its life too!} these guys are bae!

You call their all-India toll-free number and explain your problem to the call centre associate on the line. Then you get a customer ID and a call from a service professional soon after, explaining the process, how long you can expect to wait, and expected costs. They also list repairs of common appliances like air-conditioners, fridge, monitors, and printers.

At Your Service

When a laptop at work crashed a few months ago, our first step was – of course – to post a panicky SOS on Facebook. We were unsure of where exactly to get it repaired: our laptops being our primary workstations. So when one colleague suggested Jeeves, we really remembered PG Wodehouse’s indispensable butler character – Reginald Jeeves. Our laptop was picked up on time and delivered on schedule. Our point-person, a courteous and pleasant man, biked down right to our doorstep, carefully packed up the non-functional laptop, and let us know that we could expect it within two working days.

It came back squeaky-clean {a refreshing change from its previous state, thanks to many-a-coffee spill and cake crumbs}, loaded quickly, and best of all: charged and working perfectly. The whole thing set us back by INR 2,050, including the price of a replacement charger. We also like that they kept us posted throughout the process: we didn’t have to bear agonising waits on customer-service calls.

More recently, when a teammate’s television went kaput, Jeeves was summoned, pronto! The TV screen had abruptly gone blank, and as we later learned, it was a circuit board problem. Upon our approval, they changed it to another original one, and voila, it was back within three days, just in time to catch the new episode of This Is Us.

So, We’re Thinking…

You may not find the slightly furrowed brow or the delightful word choices of Jeeves {this one’s a doer, and not much of a talker}. But efficient and courteous problem-solving you will receive.

Say What ho! to Jeeves at their website here.

Contact: 1800 42525252

Prices start at INR 750 upwards.