10 Crop Tops That Could Easily Moonlight As Quirky Saree Blouses

If you are eternally in search of a tailor who will stitch you that perfect saree blouse or blouses, you might just be in for a rather long wait. But till the time you manage to find one, here’s our easy breezy solution to all your blouse -related issues. Just get yourself a crop top ladies and see how your life’s problems are solved in a jiffy. Crop tops are easy to find {so trendy right now duh!}, very convenient to slip on {no pesky hooks or tie ups} and are also available in crazy number of styles and fits. From basic and sleeveless {hello summer soiree} tops perfect to be paired with chiffons and pearls, to beaded, floral and even those with interesting cut-out patterns at the back {to up the ante a notch or two}, we have searched high and low to find you perfect crop tops that can multitask as pretty saree blouses. You will want to thank us for this saree-saving {we can’t bear to see those rows of sarees, waiting to be worn, in your closet because you don’t have a blouse} hack.