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A Cyclist's Guide On Where To Eat Healthy While Riding


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Gruelling race, a long weekend ride or an intense training workout, eating and drinking properly, or as we riders like to say — optimal nutrition and hydration — are important. Get it wrong, too little or too much, and you may need to stop your ride, get really tired or take really long to recover. The rule of thumb for on-the-bike fuelling is “Eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty.” Once the ride or race is done, your diet cannot go back to “scarf down everything in your path”. So, here you are — the lowdown on all the good places to eat right!


    Yoga Bar

    Available Online

    Not just for yoga practitioners, these bars are the chewiest, and least dry option of the lot. This means a great deal while on the bike, with the sun beating down on you — you are able to eat the bar comfortably, without needing to stop and drink more water. They come in many sumptuous flavours — our favourites are the peanut and orange ones.

    Where: Available at all local supermarkets.

    Price: INR 30 per bar

    Shop online here and here.

    Fast & Up

    Fast & Up

    Available Online

    Fast & Up offer a wide range of hydration products and energy gel. The right amount of salts and the absence of unnecessary sugars make the Fast & Up supplements the preferred choice of many cyclists in the country. Plu,s the on-bike hydration supplement “Reload” works out cheaper in the long {ride} run when compared to other products in the market. The Fast & Up gels are a big favourite during long rides and races too.

    Where: Available at all bicycle shops.

    Price: INR 90 fora tube of Reload, INR 290 for Activate, and if you want to do Amino Acid then INR 460 for Recover. INR 625 for a pack of five energise Malto gels.

    Shop online here.

    Carb Boom


    Available Online

    The new entrant in the gel market in India, this brand is known for fruity flavours, real fruit bits in the gels and no added sweeteners or flavours. They deliver the same level of energy/ nutritional delivery as any of the good gels in the market.

    Where: Available at all bicycle shops.

    Price: INR 1,931 for a pack of 24.

    Protein Powder

    Protein is the key building block of body tissue and the go-to nutrition immediately after a workout should have a high amount of protein. Scientific studies have indicated that for optimal recovery, it is key to consume 0.5-0.75gm/kg mass of protein within 45minutes after the finish of a workout. The most suitable form of protein, in terms of ease of consumption and effectiveness are protein powders. But, it is advisable to do your research into the product before buying as there are many powders sold which have not passed the health regulations.

    Where: Available at all local pharmacy or shop online at Amazon, BigBasket and Healthkart.


    The humble banana is the most preferred source of energy for many cyclists and for good reason. 100 calories per banana is the right hourly calorie requirement for the average cyclist when riding and they are the easiest to consume when compared to other nutrition products. You’d see these in jersey pockets of many cyclists.

    Where: LBS {Local Banana Shop}

    Price: INR 20 for a dozen

    Fresh Fruit Juice

    Refreshing after a long weekend ride in the hot sun! The most preferred fruits to help aid recovery are banana, avocado, berries and guava juices. Go easy on the sugar!

    Where: The local juice shop in your area



    Available Online

    The board outside asks you to give them time to get your food, since theirs is a home-style kitchen. This is most heartwarming! And when the food arrives, it doesn’t disappoint! From chilas to hearty rotis and parathas, to wholesome salads, muesli, soups, and sandwiches, they have it all! A bevy of beverages from smoothies, juices to tea await, to wash down that satisfactory meal!

    Price: INR 800 for two

    Vaathsalya Millet Café

    This lovely, rustic looking café in JP Nagar is powered by a strong belief in millets, the much loved grain, that is indigenous to this part of the country. Pick from thalis full of filling millets, or smaller meals like curry+millet/ millet & curd, or the famous Vaathsalya malts. While there, you can also pick up millets, malts and other products for use at home.

    Price: INR 500 for two

    Fresh Pressery Cafe

    Fresh Pressery Cafe

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Coconut milk chia seed pudding, anyone? Or would you rather have grilled pear with a scoop of sugar-free ice cream? The mainstay of this place is obviously the fresh pressed juices. The food is a lovely addition. The fig and arugula salad and beetroot hummus have a loyal fan following! The setting is in the lovely Lavelle Road, in a nice house set away from the swish and sounds of this posh locale. Psst, they also have cafe in Koramangala.

    Kaulige Millet Corner

    Run by millet enthusiasts {and cyclists}, this place already supplies delicious home-style millet meals to residences and offices in CBD. The café opens soon and plans to stock some delicious salads, south Indian food teeming with lots of vegetables & millets. High on fiber.