From Florals To Abstracts, RC Puram Is The Place To Score Fabric For Dresses Or Cushions

    Srirampura, Bangalore


    I can’t explain the joy I get from designing my own clothes. Not only is it rewarding to wear something that actually fits you perfectly but also nice knowing that you wont run into someone on the street wearing the same dress. Every garment begins with fabric; it is the fabric that brings a design to life. You can dramatically alter your design’s end result by simply changing the cloth you make it from. So I never plan the design and buy fabric, instead I first pick the fabrics and then decide how I design it based the colour, its fall and my mood.

    Yards Of Love

    If you are in Bangalore and looking for some unique fabrics at a very, very affordable price  {or if you are a fabric junkie like me}, you have to check out the wholesale fabric market – Ramchandrapuram {Map Location}. Its an export surplus market and sells fabric by meters and by kilos {yes, you read it right!}. Every few months the fabrics are new and they have a great mix of  cotton, linen, felt, sheer fabrics with many modern prints varying from florals to geometric and animal prints. If you are experimental enough, you can even buy fabric for your cushion covers, curtains  sofa seats or even sarees.

    Don’t end up on a wild goose chase for the perfect fabric, as this may not be the perfect market for that. Rather explore the fabrics to see if that suits your design. Some of the fabric pieces sold by kilos may not be sufficient for your dress or blouse, so please go with a rough idea on the length of the fabric you require, before you buy it. Always know your fabrics. The options and variety can be overwhelming, I know. Some fabrics shrink after wash and some bleed. So stick to the fabrics you know well, like cottons, linens , rayon etc.

    Don’t forget to check the finish of the fabric. For me the finish of the fabric is extremely important. If you are shopping for the first time, just go with your gut feeling. This is not one of those fancy markets, so go with realistic expectations. Here are two dresses I got stitched from the fabrics I got at RC Puram.

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      Srirampura, Bangalore