Mask It Up! Enjoy A Mini Spa Session At Home With These Face Sheet Masks

    Self care can sometimes be quite time consuming. If you are someone who leads a busy lifestyle and are looking for something that will instantly hydrate and make your face glow, then we have a new best friend for you. Face Sheet Masks! A gift that K-beauty has brought into our lives. Face Sheet Masks help in hydrating, cleansing and making your skin glow almost immediately. They are easy to use, no frills, and you can find the right one for you, depending on your skin type. We have curated a list of Face Sheet Masks that you can buy online in India for you. Check it out!

    Charcoal Sheet Mask From Inatur

    Charcoal Sheet Mask

    We all know that Charcoal is great for our skin, don’t we? Why not make our skin care easier with this Charcoal Sheet Mask from Inatur. Inatur is an indie skin care brand that uses natural and organic ingredients to make great products for your hair, skin and body. This Charcoal Sheet Mask is made with charcoal powder, anise, basil and lemon which helps in controlling acne, sebum production, and works well on sensitive skin as well. If you have oily and acne prone skin, this face mask is highly recommended. It is priced at INR 90 per mask and you can also find a few more sheet masks on their website.

    Skin Elements Face Mask Sheets (Combo Pack)

    Face Mask Sheets (Combo Pack)

    Best things come in combos, don’t you agree? We sure do! Especially, when it comes to skin care. Check out this combo pack of face mask sheets from Skin Elements, a vegan skin care brand based out of Himachal Pradesh. The combo pack consists of three different types of sheet masks - Green Tea with Neem Extracts, Grapefruit with Aloe Vera and Apple Extract with Milk Protein. The Green Tea with Neem Extracts helps your skin against pollution, the Grapefruit with Aloe Vera helps in hydrating your skin and Apple Extract with Milk Protein helps in protecting your skin against ageing. It is made with vegan ingredients and is priced at INR 599 for six masks. You can get this by ordering with them on their website.

    Anti-Acne Face Sheet Mask From Organic Harvest

    Anti-Acne Face Sheet Mask, 20g (Pack of 3)

    Anti-Acne Face Sheet Mask, 20g (Pack of 3)

    ₹ 297

    Got acne issues but very little or no time to take care of yourself? Don't worry! Check out the Anti-Acne Face Sheet Mask from Organic Harvest. Organic Harvest is a homegrown skin care brand that uses organic and natural ingredients that is good for your skin. This Anti-Acne Face Sheet Mask is made with Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Neem which helps in reducing inflammation and also controlling acne. It is priced at INR 297 for a pack of three and you can buy this on LBB Shop. 

    Sugar Cheat Sheet Pore Care Mask

    Sugar Cheat Sheet Pore Care Mask

    If you love Sugar Cosmetics for their lipsticks and other make-up essentials, you’ll be glad to know that they now have facial sheet masks to offer as well. It is essential that you take care of your pores for healthy and glowing skin. Try the Sugar Cheat Sheet Pore Care Mask which helps in reducing your pores and wrinkles and making your skin firm and supple. It is made with green caviar, aloe extract and super x-rice bran and is priced at INR 149. Check out their website for more face masks as well as combos that you can invest in. 

    Innisfree Hydra Solution Mask For Oily Skin

    Innisfree Hydra Solution Mask For Oily Skin: Buy Innisfree Hydra Solution Mask For Oily Skin Online at Best Price in India | Nykaa

    Well, how can we not add a Korean brand when they have mastered and gifted the world with beauty solutions that truly work. Innisfree, a Korean beauty brand that is loved by most people has amazing face sheet masks to offer for different skin concerns and skin types. Our pick is the Innisfree Hydra Solution Mask For Oily Skin which is a two step layering mask with Hyaluronic Capsule Pads and Witch Hazel Fresh Sheet that helps in restoring moisture, brightening your skin and controlling oil. It is priced at INR 290 and you can get this sheet from Nykaa.

    Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Sheet Mask

    Basic Brightening Sheet Mask

    Dr.Sheth’s, a skin care brand started by dermatologists makes amazing products specially for Indian Skin.Try the Dr. Sheth’s Basic Brightening Sheet Mask made with citrus peel extract, Vitamin E, Palmitoyl Tripeptide and Niacinamide for bright, hydrated and calm skin. The mask is priced at INR 375 and you can buy it on their website.