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Watch Your Favourite Iconic City Spots & Monuments Come Alive On A Postcard

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FlippAR Bangalore postcards covering iconic places, interactive augmented reality

What Makes It Awesome

FlippAR Go is an app that helps you discover your city through Augmented Reality. Once you download the app, the place (or object you point it to) comes alive with a basic scan. Based out of Bangalore, they have curated information and the can be used in over 80 locations in the country. Now if you’re not getting out of home for whatever reason but still want the AR travel experience (or want to send someone a piece of home or their dream destination), you must check out their set of postcards! Yes, postcards -- that you scan with the FlippAR Go app, and the information is presented to you through sound, images, short video clips, animations (that include charts and maps among others).

 If you thought the only thing that Bangalore is known for was traffic, then think again! There’s also the weather and interesting past, and flowering trees among other things. It’s all super immersive, interesting and engaging. What we love is how the postcards all feature the iconic locations in pretty art styles. From realistic and dreamy watercolours to graphic design that gets the symmetry perfectly on point, you can choose the postcards based on your preferences. Buy them in sets between two and 10, and choose from across cities and towns like Bangalore (most extensive collection), Hampi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad among others. The sets are priced between INR 250 and INR 500, and can all be bought on Amazon. 


They also take up custom and corporate orders for their AR postcards, should you want to up the game when it comes to your gifting.