Give Your Face The Daily Dose Vitamin C With This Glowing Night Serum!

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St Botanica- 24k gold night serum

24k gold kinda glows with st botanica 24k gold night serum with the goodness of vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid.

This overnight repair serum is suitable for all skin types. 24k gold helps to lift, firm and enhance the skin's natural glow. Hyaluronic acid helps with smooth and clear skin. Hyaluronic acid is a holy product for people with dry skin. It holds water and moisture on the skin keeping it hydrated for long. It also makes the skin plum because of the water and moisture. Vitamin C helps with hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

This product has worked like magic on the skin. I use it every night before I sleep. Extremely dry skin people can top it up with a moisturizer. It gets absorbed so well on the skin.

It made the skin glowy, smooth and glass-like Just in 10 days