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Don't Have A Skincare Routine? Try This Brand's Products Starting At INR 450

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What Makes It Awesome

Very few Indian beauty brands are all three - pocket-friendly, effective, and specifically designed for Indian skin concerns. Foxtale plans to change that. Started in 2020 to get specialised skincare solutions for Indian skin troubles, their products start at a cool INR 445 (moisturizer). A browse through their website, and you’ll see that they’re incredibly transparent about the ingredients used in their products, their specific benefits, and what other products they can be used with for great results (as part of a skincare routine). 

At the moment they have only 4 products - vitamin C serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, and facewash - just what’s needed for a basic skincare routine. What we’re loving is how they’ve combined those products to create problem-focused combos. For instance, the serum and the sunscreen are available as a combo for bright skin, the cleanser and moisturiser are available as a makeup base, and the cleaner and moisturizer are available as a hydration duo. Using the best natural ingredients and lab-derived formulas, the products are suitable for all skin types. That being said, you can shop by skin type and benefit on their website. For INR 2,160 you can actually pick up all 4 skincare products and see what works for you best. 

While the reviews on their website and Amazon are positive (4.5+), we’ve ordered the facewash and the cleanser combo and love how it has slowly but definitely made a difference. It softens and smoothes the skin texture when used together over time. The cleanser itself works really well to wash off makeup and the moisturiser leaves the skin feeling soft through the day, as it's hydrating but works just well at night, especially if you're using anything with active ingredients. 


They have an ingredient glossary, so if you're ever wondering about any component they've used in their products, you can browse through that and make an informed choice about your purchase.