Now Masks With Detachable Chains Are A Trend We’re Loving

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What Makes It Awesome

Yes, these are masks with detachable chains. And yes, we also love how masks went from being a safety article to a style statement. Dangerous and bewildering trajectory. Ladies, you might not want no N95 when you have these detachable masks with dual chains from Spotlight Masks. These will ensure the spotlight is forever on you with the designs of the masks and also those dangling little accessories that these masks come with. Bonus? These chains are of different designs and structures and look like extended ear-rings.

Our pick had to be the Black Luxurious Washable Chain Masks With a Detachable Dual Pearl Chain, again this is metallic and the mask comes with a 100% cotton lining. Plain black with floral prints done on them add that extra layer of elegance to your outfit. There’s even a Nude White Mask With a similar print if you want a light shade. For those of you liking things blingy, try out their Soft Satin Green Pleated Washable Mask that comes with a dual pearl chain. Grandmama’s favourite, we call this mask that has three layers of soft satin and a chain made of pearls. There’s even a range of printed masks with chains.

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You can buy their set of four masks if you want more variety.