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Stock Up On This Brand’s Teas For Wellness Or Just For Healthy Dessert


    What Makes It Awesome

    Yes, the last part of the title wasn't a hoax. Chayam Teas is known for teas that are ideal to be consumed for dessert and not just when you want to switch on your button for the day early in the morning. They have an eclectic range of flavours you never thought could be paired but trust us, they will work wonders on your system. They’ve chalked out interesting blends of teas for your every mood and the best part being they’re in those dip-dip tea bags that you just got to dip in warm water.

    We highly recommend the spiced turmeric tea that comes infused with ginger and black pepper. Probably not coffee, but if there’s anything that can wake you up and lift your spirits on a drowsy day, it is this. With additional notes of cinnamon, lemongrass and cloves, this tea will add zing to your life, not just your day. However, if you prefer your earl grey black tea, these guys have you covered with their black tea that has citrusy orange peel and blue corn flower mixed. You will certainly get the zesty flavour out of this and the welcoming aroma of the black tea leaves. Health conscious much? Before you hit the treadmill or probably after you’re done, the brand’s Moringa Tulsi Green Tea is what you need to replenish yourself from within. It’s not just the ginger but also the moringa leaves that do a whole lot of good to sore muscles. 

    You can buy their teas from LBB Shop.