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Wanting To Find Your Way Out Of A Dessert Fix? So Do(ugh) It The Right Way

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So Dough!

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all eaten cookies, nice and gooey but have you, even as a kid, had cookie dough? You know, the leftovers right before they entered the oven. So smooth and comforting, not to forget creamy to the last bite, or shall we say smear. The good peeps at So Dough sell homemade edible cookie dough, plain, flavoured and all vegetarian. Thankfully, I got an assortment of these sweet treats and here's what I found!

Their original cookie dough was smooth yet grainy, adequately sweet and had a pleasant mouthfeel. Much like a birthday cake, there was a nice hit of vanilla and brown sugar coming through. Now here's my favourite, the choco-chip dough! Loaded with chocolate chips, these came with crispy flavour bursts, as though the ample dark chocolate chips embedded in the cookies had a flavour fallout with the creamy dough. 

For all you chocolate fans, they have a flavour packed brownie batter dough that looks just like a well-baked brownie. Luscious, chocolatey and not overly sweet, the flavour of the dark chocolate shone through. Coffee lovers have their coffee dough. This one was pleasing to the palate as the bitter notes of coffee constantly tried to outwit the creamy sweet dough. Lastly, for them little brats, they have the funfetti, a green coloured dough that comes with the flavour of rainbow sprinkles. Birthday cake part 2, this one would be an absolute hit amongst the kids.


These are meant to be consumed fresh but you can store these in the refrigerator. Heat them up slightly before consumption and relish these with ice-cream or blend them with milkshakes for best results.