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Pull Off A Jake Peralta Look With These Jakessentials

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Brooklyn 99 is coming to an end with its eighth season and we couldn’t be more sad. You shouldn’t wear your immaturity on your sleeve like jakey does but you could still pull off a fake Peralta (cuz no one can be da real Jake) with these Jake essentials right here on LBB! Let’s track the journey of one of the show’s most beloved characters as you explore options for a perfect Jake Peralta wardrobe. Noice, isn’t it ? Beware, if you haven’t watched the series, spoilers lie ahead!

Hoodies From Mad Over Print

Mad Over Print

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TB to the time when Jake Peralta was a maverick who absolutely despised going by the book. Be it for ‘catching bad guys’ or just having one of those many games in the bullpen aided by Gina Linetti, the hoodie was a classic Jake Peralta. Get yourself some cool cool cool… hoodies from Mad Over Print. They’re minimal yet come with basic prints in bold colours such as blues, blacks and reds. 

Check out the brand here.

Chequered Shirts From Romcom


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Enter: Captain Raymond Holt and the precinct undergoes an overhaul. Jake is made to respect the badge as captain’s eccentric nature and love for the rules compels the officers of the 99th precinct to follow certain standards in terms of dressing. No prizes for guessing that Jake the maverick is miffed with this. Now having to wear a tie and a relatively formal attire, he finds this affinity towards chequered shirts that he dons throughout the show. For those long semi-formal check shirts, we highly recommend Romcom that sells full-sleeve cotton shirts in shades dark and light. Read more about the brand here. They even have plain printed shirts and stylish chinos.

Ties From Mensome


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Now when you’re ordered to put on a tie, please don’t tie it around your stomach like Jake did. Buy yourself a particularly elegant tie/(s), in plain shades as well as those that come with prints on them from Mensome. Whereas Jake wasn’t very pleased wearing these ties initially, you surely will be as these are versatile and can be used for formal gatherings or even functions. Couple your shirts with dark shades of ties, both printed and plain and prep yourself for your own Halloween Heist. Read more about the brand here. The brand even sells bow-ties and other men’s accessories on Shop for LBB.

Jeans From Llak Jeans

Llak Jeans

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Pants might not have been the most defining aspect of Jake’s attire but we at LBB still have not left any stone unturned in giving you just the perfect skinny fit black denim jeans that are a classic Jake go-to. Llak Jeans sells black skinny fit jeans for you and even for your Amy Santiago. Whether you want a comfortable pair of dark blues or black jeans, these guys have you covered. They even have lighter shades of denims such as those in white, olive green and cream. Buy your Jake jeans and read more about the brand here.

Jackets From SOC Performance

SOC Performance

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As Jake got acclimatized to Captain Holt’s way of functioning and dare we say, grew fond of it, we discovered him to wear more and more jackets that contributed a more matured and seasoned look to him. As leather isn’t the way ahead, we recommend these polyester jackets from SOC Performance that are comforting and also lend a more all-round feel to your outfit. Coming in different colours, you can put them on for sports or wear them just like that. Athleisure + B99 = LBB recommends. What’s missing ? A fake cop badge.

Casual Printed Shirts And Pants From Tusok


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When Jake was on his honeymoon with Amy, whether he was chilling with his vibe, singing partner and and, his partner in crime (literally), the Pontiac Bandit., or just when he was undercover, we have seen Jake get into many of these tropical summery shirts. LBB has many of these shirts in its roster and here's one brand which oozes holiday Jake like no other. Tusok sells half-sleeve shirts that come with prints of plants, leaves, pineapples and all things tropical. Watch more about the brand here and get your hands on them now.