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Card Stickers, Pop Holders And Badges: This Brand Adds Colour To Life

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What Makes It Awesome

We love colour and we prefer even the most mundane things of daily use to have that pop of life. Well, nothing really infuses life into objects the way colours do, so here’s Rangjogi, a brand that specialises in designer badge magnets, card stickers for your ATM cards and pop holders for the comical element in your phone. You can even have your customised keychains and musical plaques with images of your near and dear ones. These plaques come in various materials and all you have to do is send them an image and song of your choice, giving details of the size and materials of the plaque/(s). 

Rangjogi has something fixed in terms of their card stickers, universally stick-able in any debit/credit card. These stickers come in designs of your favourite football teams, superheroes, TV shows, authors and artists, you will love the colour and you can swipe on without any hassle, just stick these and you’re good to go. Just like the stickers, the badge magnets have similar themes and motifs printed on them. Perfect to add that quirky element to your refrigerator, guitar straps, backpacks and any metallic surface. The brand’s pop holders make every Netflix show experience better and every selfie attempt more stable for grip, again with a 3M adhesive and a multitude of designs, you need these!