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Kawaii Alert: Cat Mugs, Mermaid Sipper & More Under 600!

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Were you always a goofy one or is it part of your personality you sometimes unlock? Well, if you like to project your goofy selves on most times, we suggest you get these cups, mugs and tumblers for your favourite and not-so-favourite beverages. What’s quirky? The prints, namely those of pandas, unicorns, graffiti and other such whimsical elements. Looking forward to chai time already?

Unicorn Mug

Coffee Mug - 3D Unicorn

Coffee Mug - 3D Unicorn


This ceramic Unicorn Mug from The Quirk Box is for those of you who love unicorns and the sparkles more than anything. We loved that this is not too extra and just apt for the chai breaks. Word to the wise, be careful when you wash as you do not want the coloured handle and golden horn to break. This ceramic mug is microwave safe so if you're thinking an instant hot chocolate, go for it!

Pro-Tip: Store marshmallows and other sweets within. You could use this to serve guests or much by yourself.  

Panda Mug

Coffee Mug - Panda

Coffee Mug - Panda


Worried that your tea or coffee gets cold as soon as it reaches your table? Not anymore because this ceramic Panda Mug comes with a lid that has a spoon opening, that too of a face-down panda. Too cute to handle, right? The two-toned panda print is simple, adorable and microwave friendly. 

Pro-Tip: Get many of the same sort and use this to store mukhwas or mouth fresheners. As it comes with a lid with a spoon opening, this would make for the perfect storage containers.

Giraffe Mug

Giraffe Print Frosted Glass Coffee Mug

Giraffe Print Frosted Glass Coffee Mug


There’s so much happening on this forest glass mug from Strokes By Namrata Mehta that it will instantly grab eyeballs, even if you’ve been drinking from this since a while. This cup is made from frosted glass rather than ceramic or normal glass which gives it an offbeat touch. Greenery and wildlife look good on most things, don’t they? If you’re gifting this to a kid, even better! Read more about the brand here. 

Pro-Tip: The brand has many jungle-inspired cups and mugs that you would love to check out. If you're planning a party with friends, call for shots as they even have shot glasses in the jungle theme.

Emoji Face Mugs

Holographic Mermaid Sipper - Gold

Holographic Mermaid Sipper - Gold


This set of six Emoji Mugs from Crok Choc is what you guys need for a cute start to the day. Because this comes in a good number. The dark yellow mugs have handpainted emoji art and are made from ceramic. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. If you're gifting this to a kid or using for yourself, this mug is minimal and will be liked by all. 

Pro-Tip: Mug cakes are more than a trend now and when the entire fam can have some easy microwavable mug cakes off the same kind of mug, why not?

Cat Mug

Coffee Mug - Cat

Coffee Mug - Cat


Attention, cat lovers! We have this cat-shaped ceramic mug for you if your love for cats is infinite. The mug has a simple design with cat strokes on its ceramic body and you can sip on some hot chocolate as you grasp onto its wide base on a chilly day.

Pro-Tip: If you're an out and out cat lover, this might be of use.

#GirlBoss Tumbler

Girl Boss Floral Tumbler


Leak-proof, Pinteresty and compact, this tumbler is super useful for those who are on the go! Carry it while on your way to work or to the airport! It can carry up to 300 ml, so wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something that'll sustain you for longer period.   

Holographic Mermaid Sipper

Holographic Mermaid Sipper - Gold


Now, if you fall in that category where you collect stuff only because well, they're cute - this product fits the bill. Of course, it's functional but mainly to satisfy your kawaii obsession. 


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