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Gifts That Your Gym Rat Friend Would Love To Show Off Like Their Abs!

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There is some satisfaction in pumping that iron and slogging it out in the gym as sweat trickles down your body. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wearing those tight body hugging clothes that show off their muscle and sinew. Guess what, you can don the same look by wearing clothes and shoes that flaunt those awesome cuts you've hustled in the gym for and yet, keeping the style quotient intact. Whether you are there for losing or gaining fat, gaining muscle or just to keep fit, LBB has curated a list of gifts you can gift yourself or those gym freak friends! Believe us, they would love to house and show off in their wardrobe. 

Men Logo Patch Detail Solid Jogger Pants From INFINIA

Men Logo Patch Detail Solid Jogger Pants

For those of you going for a long day out, probably a picnic or an early morning drive, do not compromise on your comfort nor your style and wear these joggers from INFINIA. Perfectly fitting yet airy and light, you will far from feel any ounce of discomfort as you sport these and flaunt those boulder legs you've been pumping, courtesy: leg presses. These cotton joggers are so comfy and durable, you could practically even sleep with them on. Long haul journeys or a date with bae after a long time, these long jogger pants make for a useful gift. INFINIA is an athleisure brand and they mean business with their apparel so buy their products from Shop on LBB now!

Men "I Don't Get Tired" Crew Neck T-Shirt From Foxrobe

Men "I Don't Get Tired" Crew Neck T-Shirt


Breathable and motivating, these tees from Foxrobe do their part in convincing you to hit the gym even on days you don't feel like. Have arms day ? Flex those biceps and watch them pump as they beg to break free from the shackles of the t-shirt's opaque cotton fabric. Buy and gift for him or her from this youth centric brand that has much more on offer for an athleisure loving cohort. Read more about this brand here and buy from Shop on LBB ! 

Men Multi Flap Pockes Detail Black Shorts From RIGO

Men Multi Flap Pockes Detail Black Shorts


Fashion isn't all rigid today and that's what we at LBB love, to experiment with different outfits for different occasions, not at the expense of comfort though. RIGO's black shorts make for the perfect gifts for your gym lover pals because -- 1. Its opaque knit single jersey fabric makes the shorts comfortable and durable to be worn for any workout, 2. The shorts have pockets where you can store your essential belongings and 3. These shorts are perfect gifts for those wanting to show off those gains after hard leg days in the gym. Read more about the brand here and buy for him/her on LBB Shop.

Men Color Blocked Body Fitted Vest From Glito

Men Color Blocked Body Fitted Vest


Be honest, once you start getting those gains, you do feel like flaunting those guns, don't you ? Now whether you're as built as a tank or not, these tank tops from Glito make for yet another fantastic gift for your gymholic friend. And hey, this brand's clothes are unisex. Glito's tank tops are made from cotton and come in roundneck cuts with a block pattern of colours. Now with summer around the corner, you have a coolant of sorts that is stylish and comfortable too. Read more about Glito here and buy gifts for your gym freak from Shop on LBB.