Terracotta Or Ceramic, Get Cute Eco-Friendly Planters From This Store


    What Makes It Awesome

    We’re not going to beat around the bush: we’re here to tell you about Green Vibe, a gardening accessories brand that will give you the Pinteresty apartment of your dreams. Just look them up on Instagram and you’ll find adorable handmade planters shaped like anime animals, hanging planters and those huge decorative pots and vases that you can keep in your living room (if you have the space!).

    While they initially started out selling ceramic planters (they still have some of those, by the way), they’ve moved on to terracotta now, mostly. In fact, Varsha, the brains behind Green Vibe, insists that there is zero plastic used in any of their products. What’s more, every product is made by specially abled people, so you will be contributing to their income when you buy from here! A terracotta planter here starts from INR 250 (it can go up to INR 1,500 for the bigger ones, though!), and a ceramic one will set you back by INR 550. You can order from their Instagram or WhatsApp the number listed here!

    P.S. For every product you buy from Green Vibe, INR 10 is used to feed stray dogs! Go show some love and shop from here.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500