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Treat Yourself The Superfoods With This Brand's Chips And Makhanas


    What Makes It Awesome

    On some nights and early mornings, cravings kick in of the snacky insidious nature. Don't grab that bag of chips that comes  with extra  MSGs, carbs and an equal amount of guilt. Try Greenland's flavoured Makhanas (fox nuts), Ragi chips and Quinoa chips instead. Have these snacks just like that or with a dip and some tea/coffee. They're gluten free, non-fried and packed with flavour so you know that even though you might not be a snack, you will be snacKING. 

    We highly recommend Greenland's Cream and Onion makhana, subtly spiced fox nuts with a cool oniony aftertaste that can be relished by anyone. If you can't do without the spice, try the peri peri makhana for a shot of spice sans the leaky nose. Did we mention that there is also the Cheese and Herbs flavour for the cranky one in your house.The brand also has ragi chips and quinoa chips that are perfect with a dip. I can already imagine scooping some cheesy dip with their Masala and Jalepeno ragi and quinoa chips, can't you?

    For those of you in the hunt for something unique, try the brand's Gur Chana, a mix of roasted chickpeas and jaggery that make for the perfect sweet treat. The ragi and quinoa chips are available in 150g packs and makhana in 70g. Prices range between INR 95 - INR 130. You can buy these crisps and superfoods right here on LBB.


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