100 Years Of Quali-tea: You've Got To Chai These Assam Teas Today!

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Halmari Tea

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What Makes It Awesome

When someone suggests having Assamese tea you already know that it's going to be A-ssome! Not only is it the largest tea producing area in the country, but the flavour profile of the teas from here are so robust and full-bodied. We also dug deeper and found that The Halmari Tea Estate in Assam is ranked among the top nine in the world! This is precisely why we're recommending you check out Halmari Teas, an Indie chai business that has been pleasing its patrons for a century now! 

All their teas and blends are manufactured after carefully hand-picking leaves from the lush plains of Upper Assam. We are told that they produce highest quality teas from pedigree clones only, which is super cool. The Halmari tea collection has 17 different teas that you can buy as loose teas or as Japanese pyramid tea bags. Their best sellers include Halmari Gold CTC (English Breakfast), Peppermint Tea, Silver Needle Leaf White Tea and a super duper fancy 22k Gold Tea. We are definitely ordering the Masala Chai and the Orthodox Blend.

If you get on to their website, you will also find the flavour notes, calorie content, and ways to enjoy your cup. Prices start at INR 300 which is pretty accessible considering these are lush teas. You can also buy sample packs for as low as INR 75. Halmari Teas ship worldwide, which means no more mediocre chai for anybody!