This Brand’s Desi Indian Sweets Are Here To Make Your Day Sweeter


    What Makes It Awesome

    Reminiscent of the days your granny would make or have made an entire heap of sweets at home, Meethi Reet will remind you of those Indian sweet treats while you feel nostalgia hit you. Bound by recipes passed over generations, Meethi Reet sells good ol’ Besan Laddoo, Barfi, Atta Pinni and Panjiri just the way you like them, without any funky essence or extra taste. The moment you open their box of sweets, you will be hit by the aroma of ghee. All their sweets are handmade with the finest quality ingredients and can be used for festive occasions, or even no occasion!

    Try their Besan Laddoos -- gram flour roasted in ghee and bound in a high caloric yet blissful union with sugar and spices, bundled up into balls and guarded by a regiment of almonds and pistachios. But you already knew that. For more heat-inducing sweets, we recommend their Atta Pinni, wheat flour mixed with acacia gum (gond), sugar, good ol' ghee, and studded dry fruits. You can also order their Barfi and Panjiri, whole-wheat flour pitted in a one-sided battle against ghee, sugar and then forged into making a powdered peace with herbal gums and dry fruits. We got you tempted already? Go and order through LBB now!

    Available in 500g and 1kg with prices ranging around INR 400 - INR 800.


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