Stranger Things: Check Out Bangalore's Haunted Spots As Legend Has It

Oh, you've been inspired by the new Goosebumps film? Or maybe Stranger Things has made you want to be brave and explore the supernatural! We have news for you! Bangalore traffic isn’t the only thing that’s horrific about Bangalore. There are plenty of spots that boast their own, particular history of horror. In keeping with the time of year, here’s our round-up of haunted spots in Bangalore.

Terra Vera, St. Marks’ Road

The numero uno haunted spot in Bangalore, this bungalow has attracted several curious visitors over the years, with many reporting an eerie energy and objects such as crosses, half-full wine bottles, and a scary statue. The old, dusty car that sat decaying in the porch; the overall dilapidation of the facade; the simple curiosity of what a bungalow like this was doing in the centre of town – all of it added to the mystery. The bungalow belonged to a pair of elderly sisters, one of whom was stabbed to death in September 2002. It may now be razed, but that doesn’t mean we think the ghostliness is gone.

The Wanderer Of Kalpalli Cemetery

Sure, cemeteries in themselves are pretty spooky, no questions there. But this cemetery off Old Madras Road has had several visitors reporting the sensation of unidentified presences, as well as video recordings of ghosts moving around. In particular, stories of one mysterious gentleman who disappears as soon as you approach him seem to be ever in circulation.

The Sari-Clad Ghost Of Bangalore International Airport

A favourite haunt for late-night jaunts, the Airport is home to more than a fleet of flights. The airport staff believe strongly in the existence of a ghost – a lady in a white sari with long hair – doing the rounds near the runway and the cargo areas. Watch your back. 

The Hungry Ghosts Of Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital’s Gothic architecture isn’t the only thing about the hospital that’s spooky. Ask the students or the security guard here, and they’ll warn you of hungry ghosts that, years ago, caused a packet of biryani to vanish; another ghost lived in a tree above a tea stall, and drank up the students’ tea. We're sceptical about this one, because at our office food constantly goes missing, and we know a human responsible for that! 

Highway To Hoskote

As if highways are not scary enough, there is a patch on the road to Hoskote, apparently about 15kms from the ITPL-Malur road. There near a village named Hunisehalli, rumour has it that a lady lurks on the road, and attempts to hitch rides in autos. The last we heard, a man riding in an auto was saved from murder by this ghost lady, simply because the religious auto driver had idols of gods and goddesses. You can, on a quiet night, hear her laugh maniacally, and randomly appear on the road from time to time. 

Scary House

OK, this one isn't really haunted, but it's great to get your share of laugh and scares with the squad. More than actual scary, this amusement hall in several malls across town (our favourite is in Garuda Mall, and second best at Manrti Square), is more startling. Lasting about 10 minutes, you get to walk through a scary looking house with people and mechanised things popping up to scare you at regular intervals. It can be quite terrifying to hold someone's hand, it always helps!