Out With The New, In With The Old: This Cookware Is All Retro Heavy Metal

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What Makes It Awesome

If there's one thing in your kitchen that constantly needs replacing, it's the cookware. That teflon coating is nowhere in sight after two months and cooking with steel just gives you anxiety because, hell! No way are you getting rid of those burnt bits now one with the bottom of the pan. But what if we told you that there's one type of utensil that only keeps getting better with use? And, wait for it, it's non-stick too!

We're referring to cast iron and so is Healthy Choices, a brand that is loud and proud about making this shift back to the past. Their line of cookware is handcrafted, and is as tough and durable as, well, iron. So durability is a definite check, but so is this material's capacity to retain heat, give you that perfect char and use on all types of heat sources (gas, electric, induction, oven, ceramic, or over an open fire).

They have skillet pans of all sizes, 6 inches to 12, tawas, grills, dutch oven (perfect for baking) and kadais too. But if you're looking for some pizzazz, their all new enamelled cast iron cookware range is a thing of beauty. It comes in a deep red shade. Healthy Choices also retails brass and copper mugs and tumblers. 

They ship pan India, hallelujah! And prices start at a reasonable INR 999 staying mostly under the INR 2,000 mark. Well worth the healthy and delicious cooking you get in return.