Made In India: Say Cheers To These Top Homegrown Beer Brands We Found In 2020!


    If there was a time to be vocal for local about beer, it was 2020! With staying home and doing our bit to stifle the spread of the virus, we stocked up our fridges with some of the finest homegrown Indian craft beers that we are holding close and carrying with us into the new year. All the Indian beer brands (okay, we have a few surprises too) listed below are available in different parts of the country in either bottled or canned forms and the pricing and availability will vary according to state excise laws. 

    We'll be constantly updating this list as and when we try new Indian beer brands, so make sure you bookmark this recommendation.

    Arbor Brewing Company, India

    Originally American, Arbor Brewing Co. can be counted among the handful of craft beer revolutionaries in India. Arbor started India’s first American-style brewpub in Bangalore way back in 2012 and soon became synonymous with American style IPAs. Cut forward to 2018, when they forayed into the retail space by launching their beer in cans, brewed at a state of the art solar-powered facility in Goa. Initially, their brews were available in Goa, and a little later, much to the joy of beer lovers across the city, they hit stores in Bangalore.  They currently have three variants, which include: Easy Rider, an American Wheat Ale, Bangalore Bliss, a German-style Wheat Beer, and the Beach Shack IPA, a bold, American style IPA. When things settle down, I intend to go to Goa and sip on a Beach Shack at a beach shack. Beach Shack-ception? 

    Price:  Between INR 170 and INR 190 (Bangalore)

    Available In: Bangalore (Bangalore Bliss and Beach Shack IPA) and Goa (All three variants)

    Goa Brewing Co.

    Goa Brewing Co. has become synonymous with out of the box beer and design. They are known for quirky takes on beer styles, and stay true to their tag of ‘Non-Conformist Beer’. Eight Finger Eddie, their signature IPA has oats, and lactose. Their Saison has pineapples, and their Wheat Ale has blood oranges and calamansi. Even Saint & Sinner, their Abbey-style Belgian dark ale is made using coconut jaggery. Finally, after all that beer, wake up the next morning, and sip on their Breakfast Cereal Stout, which is made using cornflakes, rice puffs, and cocoa for that chocolaty finish! Of course, there is lactose to round out the creamy feeling of having milk with your cereal! And I have to say, they have the most eye-catching labels I’ve seen in this country.

    Price: Between INR 150 and INR 190 (Bangalore)

    Available In: Bangalore, Maharashtra, and Goa.

    Kati Patang

    Kati Patang

    Available Online

    Kati Patang soared into Delhi in late 2018 and unconventionally launched with an Amber Ale. With notes of caramel and toffee rounded out with a floral and gentle citrus finish, this is quite different from the usual offering of wheat beer. They went on to launch a wheat beer with a twist – one with notes of ginger and turmeric. Their latest offering is the Saffron Lager, which we hear is a clean, crisp lager with subtle notes of saffron. Kati Patang retails in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, with plans to also launch in Chandigarh and Haryana.

    Writer's Note: Kati Patang was originally brewed in Bhutan and shipped to India. Today, they brew at the oldest brewery in India, at Solan, in Himachal Pradesh.

    Price: Between INR 130 and INR 180 (Delhi) 

    Available In: Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, with plans to also launch in Chandigarh and Haryana.


    Okay, before you are all up in arms, yes, I know this isn’t craft beer. Moonshine definitely deserves a mention. Really, you can’t go wrong with mead. After all, its booze made from honey! Dating back to around 7,000 BC, it’s also the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. It is said to be from the land and time of Vikings, and was only reserved for royalty. Thanks to Moonshine, we can all drink Mead. I guess that means we’re all royals now! (Sorry Lorde!) Moonshine has three flagship meads – Apple Cyder Mead, Traditional Mead, and Coffee Mead. They also do their ‘Meadlab Series’ of special, limited-edition releases, which have included some very interesting meads, such as Hopped Mead (yes hops, as in the same stuff that goes into beer!), Chocolate Orange Mead, Christmas Pie Mead, Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead, and Guava Chilli Mead. And of course, because we have the best mangoes in the world here in India, they’ve also released a Mango Chilli Mead as part of their latest Meadlab series!

    Writer's Note: Moonshine is touted to be India's and Asia’s first meadery!

    Price: Between INR 185 and INR 199 (Maharashtra)

    Available In: Maharashtra and Goa

    Siqera Cider

    Okay, this one isn’t a beer either, but we love all things craft! Siqera currently has two variants – Apple, and Mango cider, with more variants planned. A cider is essentially fermented fruit juice. While they don’t have bitterness like beer, the sweetness is balanced out by tartness. Water can also be added while making cider, to regulate the sweetness. While ciders can have varying strengths of alcohol, Siqera keeps theirs at around 9% ABV.

    Writer's Note: Siqera is touted to be India’s first dedicated cidery and is the first Indian brand to retail cider.

    Price: Between INR 180 and INR 200 (Haryana) 

    Available In: Haryana with plans to enter Delhi and Chandigarh.

    White Rhino Brewing Co.

    We saved the best for the last. Founded in 2016, White Rhino Brewing Co. is the first retail craft beer brand to brew and bottle their beer in India. They started with two variants -- a Belgian Wit, and a Lager. In 2017, they added an IPA or India Pale Ale, and in 2019, a Pale Ale to their repertoire.

    Writer's Note: They export their beers to the UK and Nepal. Talk about putting the 'India' in India Pale Ale!

    Price: Between INR 170 and 195 (Bangalore)

    Available In: Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Punjab, and Bangalore, with Bangalore having all four variants, while the rest have some combination of their variants.