5 Must-Have Honeymoon Essentials To Swear By

Now that you’re finally done with the wedding and are gearing up to go on a (hopefully) long holiday with your forever person, here’s a list of things that would help make the journey smoother.

Customised Solid Passport Cover

Whether you’re actually travelling abroad or you just feel safer keeping an ID card with you, this passport holder will have your back. Plus, it can be customized with your name (or your wedding hashtag, even!) and comes in a variety of solid colours.

Quirky Print Dual Zip Closure Pouch

Of course, you’ll be going out a lot with bae, so it’s handy to keep a make-up kit with you at all times. This one, with its bright colours is just perfect for a holiday!

Stripes Button-Down Flared Hem Maxi Dress

Whether you’re exploring small market areas or you’re walking along the beach, this maxi dress will have you looking smart, stylish and comfortable wherever you are! It’s super versatile too, and can be styled in so many ways.

Solid Glossy Pumps

For the nights when you have to go out partying, or if you want to make a statement with just your heels, go for this pair of solid glossy pumps. You won’t regret it!

Delicate Pineapple Charm Ankle Set

Add some bling to your everyday style with this ankle set. You don’t even have to worry about prepping up your look, when all you have to do is add a little bit of quirk.