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Want To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your House? Here's How.

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A pop of colour here and there never did any harm, did it? In fact, the opposite. Colour is known to have different effects on the mind, so jazz up your home with colours that will (hopefully) keep your spirits high, and mood calm. Whether you choose to carefully mix and match or go all blue, yellow or white, that's up to you. But we'll chip in by throwing light on elements you could add in your home to make it more colourful. Whether it's wall art, adding colourful decor elements or both, here's how to make your home more colourful, tastefully. 

Step 1: Add Paintings And Wall Arts To Your Walls

House of Mamta

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Colour does not only mean wall paint. Just add colour by having paintings on your walls. We loved House Of Mamta for her use of acrylic colours, and the Pichawai Art paintings in sizes from A5 to custom sizes. Perfect for confined spaces.

Fans of Modern art, Wefeelsame has paintings with abstract prints and quirky patterns that will work in a chic apartment. Slightly on the pricier side, these add an elegant vibe. We even loved the Pichwai wall paintings and those that depict mythical deities from The Wishlist. Looking for something quirky and desi? Look no further than Going Desi and Pattern Stories.

Check out this list for some funky wall hangings and for more paintings and wall arts, check out this section.

Step 2: Colourful Sofas And Bright Cushions? Yes Please!

Orange Concept

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What's the second most noticeable thing in your home? That's right, the sofa. The second step includes getting a colourful sofa set or bright cushion covers vivid with colours and prints. We're spotlighitng Orange Concepts, known for some colourfully printed cushion covers. Think Frida Kahlo-inspired ones to flamingo and tucan embroidered options. 

For those of you on the lookout for something more geometric, abstract and floral, try brands like Tara-Sparkling Homes and Beyond Lines Design Studio. Now if you want to pep up your sofa with comic and artsy prints, try Hutke.

Psst, check this list for more colourful cushion covers and an entire section on LBB. 

Step 3: Let The Lights Guide You Home


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No, we don't mean this for only for house parties. Trust us when we say there's no better way to add colour through lights than string lights. Our first choice is Glimmer Lightings for its spiral ball string lights. You could even try out Samoolam for handmade LED string lights that are as bright and colourful, as they're crafty. For the kids' room, try out The Tickle Toe for its interesting 3D Wall Lights. 

Don't want the fuss of all the strings and wires, check out Shady Ideas that does not so shady LED table lights and lamps.

You could check out this list for more string lights or just explore this section on LBB Shop.

Step 4: Spruce Up Your Place With Flora And Fauna

Color Palatte

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Plants and flowers, real or artificial, adds a fresh dimension to your space and also brings with it a good deal of colours. Plus, green vibe check, y'all! Check out this list for the best indoor plants for your living room, balcony or even bedroom window sill. However, if you're not a very good plant parent, try these artificial ones which don't need any attention. 

Have plants but want a colourful house for them as well? Check out Color Palatte. Their metal crown planters in solid shades of yellow, blue and pink and their bowl planters are what you need for a pop of colour. For more awesome colourful pots, planters in the shape of tea cups and kettles, and garden accessories, check out Zilpakala. For an entire list of planters, head here.

Step 5: Add Mirrors

Twisted Needle

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If you have all the colourful elements we've mentioned above, mirrors will do their part in accentuating those colours. Not gigantic ones (we don't want to creep you out) but small yet beautifully carved mirrors should do the job. If you're looking for something basic right above your washing basin or in your bedroom, Mohh should serve your purpose with its circular mirrors and if you don't mind a little extra jazz, check out Amoliconcepts and its beautifully carved mirrors (15.5x15.5x1 inches). Twisted Needle with its crochet framed oval mirrors and Hollyhock for its boho vibe mirrors are just as fine!

Step 6: Throw In Book And Bookshelves

Indian Yards

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Yes, a bookshelf can do wonders as however boring everything else is, book covers will always be different, and would automatically make your space look more colourful. Indian Yards' and Pooja Ki Potli's macrame wall hanging shelves are a perfect addition, we say.