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How To Make Your Home Look Bigger With Products Under INR 5,000

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Let’s be real and honest. We all want to have a home that looks like it should be on MTV Cribs. But, we also know the price of real estate in the country, so massive houses are out of the question for most of us! So, what is the next best thing? Well, exactly what you put into the Google Search Bar...How To Make A Room Or House Look Bigger, right? Right. We’re here to tell you exactly how, and even help you pick out stuff that will make your home look beautiful and bigger than it really is. 

Pick Neutral/Muted Colours


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Adding bright and bold colours only makes the space look more cluttered, so pick muted shades like pastels, white and grey. These colours not only make the room look airy and breezy, giving the illusion of space, but they also help you keep calm and cool. Home - The Best Is For You is a brand that has many options for cool colours when it comes to cushions - be it light blue, aqua, grey or white. ​​For curtains, too, this one is a good brand. But, I recommend you look at Zeba for curtains. They have muted greys, off white and white curtains that can easily make your space look less dark. They’ve even got lovely sheer ones, embellished with sequins, or plain but embroidered options. Check it out here. ​​Prices for both brands start at INR 1,500 for curtains, and INR 295 for curtains.

Use Glass & Natural Fibre Decor

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Nothing like glass to make a room look magically larger! Throw in macrame, rattan and natural cottons in the form of decor, then you’ve got yourself a winner! For all things macrame, be it lamps, cushion covers or gorgeous hanging shelves, you need to look up Aadyashre. With prices for decor starting at just INR 1,000, you can really make your home look like something out of Pinterest. Chords & Knots too has a stunning and versatile hanging shelf, which would not only add an edgy touch, but also work as a candle or plant holder! 

Throw In A Mirror Or Two

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Mirrors can work wonders for creating the illusion of space. For best results, try and place the mirror in a spot that has the least distractions, and is at the wall of the longer side of you room. The width of a room is usually not captured, so it’s best to extend the length. If you have a window or balcony, nothing like placing the mirror such that it reflects the outside place. Win!

Mohh has a collection of chic and minimalist mirrors which will help make the room look larger. They’re mirrors so they are a bit more expensive, but hey, what you save on rent, you can spend here! Also check out Mohh for their IKEA-style organisers, planters and storage boxes.

Big Is Better

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Don’t decorate your home or room with little things. They make it all cluttered, even if they are tiny objects and pieces. Go big! Pick that large vase, or the big wall frame, but make that the only decor accent on that side of the wall, table or shelf. This grey vase from Manor House not only ticks off the big, statement piece, but it’s also in a muted colour, so will work well in your living room. Or, perhaps you want a unique set of vases, in which case you will love this donut set by Soul Spiti. Want quirk? These dice-shaped planters will do the trick! 

Add Some Light - Natural Or Lamps

Get Awesome Lights & Lamps

If you can, the obvious thing to do is have as many windows as possible to let natural light come in. The next best thing is to get lamps, minus the heavy grandma shades! Pick pendant lights that will loom well above the floor so does not clutter one’s line of vision, while still adding that brightness to make it seem like there’s loads of space. Check out brands like Decon, Fos Lighting and Soulspiti (which also has amazing planters and vases). Or, just have a look at our entire collection of pendant lights here

All Of The Above


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If you really don’t have the patience to pick from different brands, then I have one brand to rule them all. Hollyhock. Ticking off almost all the Must-Dos for you to get your home or room to look bigger than it is, Hollyhock has home accessories and accents that include vases, planters, ceramic mugs, trays, wall hangings and even mirrors! Plus, they have glass frames, organisers and big photo grids for your wall. Prices start at INR 299 up to INR 2,000 for the wall grid. So, really, you can just pick all their products, add to cart, and your home will look much bigger than it ever did before!