How To Pick The Right Rug For Your Home As Told By This Carpet Expert

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Rugs are an integral part of any interior setting; They add warmth, character, and most importantly, emotion to the space. Rugs bind all the interior elements together and present them as visually pleasing to the viewer. We spoke to Ali Akmal Jan, a partner at Carpet Kingdom, who gave us some insight into how to pick up rugs for your home. Carpet Kindom is a Bangalore-based home furnishing store that retails over 6000+ designs of carpets and rugs that are sourced from all over the world. The brand is over 130 years old and you can pick up carpets and rugs such as and Persian carpets, modern weaves, Afghan kilims, leather rugs. Visit their store in Indiranagar, Bangalore.     

Here are a few new trends/tips on how to buy the right rug and style your space.

Choosing A Rug Style

Rugs have the ability to change the atmosphere of an entire space. Hence, it’s important to educate oneself about the available options in the market. From the traditional to modern and the abstract, there are millions of designs available in thousands of colours for one to choose from. When selecting a rug, one should remember the theme of the space where it is going to be used.

Earlier, rugs were bought as per the general theme of the interior space. A modern/abstract design would be preferred for a modern space and a traditional design for a colonial/Victorian traditional home. In the recent past, it has been observed that a lot of the designers we work with are using traditional rugs in modern spaces and vice-versa. This trend pushes the boundaries of conventional interior design and makes the space more exciting and fresh. 

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Getting The Right Size

Finding the right size for the space has always been a concern. Nowadays, rather than using a large rug with a centre table, a lot of spaces are being completed with rugs of a smaller size with no centre table. They act as statement pieces. Another trend we have seen growing is the rug-on-rug concept, where the base carpet is usually a solid colour and large in size while the rug on top is heavily designed in a smaller size. The trend of rugs going under the sofa is long gone. We see them being used as centrepieces nowadays.

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Rugs Take The Lead

Traditionally, rugs were selected as the last element in a space. Nowadays, we see that rugs have taken the center stage and are setting the tone of an entire space. Rugs are becoming the first item on the shopping list and spaces are being designed around them.

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Rugs As Wall Hangings

From the floor to the wall, rugs are being used more and more in unique ways. Rugs are frequently used by designers for feature walls as highlights. Some of the many ways of using rugs/carpets on the walls are framing with glass, exposed rods with clips, pasting the entire carpet on a wall, and even doing a floating installation where the rug is hung on the wall without any of the fixtures visible. 

The ideal size depends on the size of the room but the typical size is either 3x5 or 4x6. Runners of sizes 2x10 are also being hung where there is a double-height ceiling

Traditional Rugs Remain in Vogue

Traditional design rugs have always had their place in the market. They are now back in vogue as a lot of consumers and designers are finding value in those designs. Traditional rugs have evolved very little and they are the only ones that grow in value as they age. Abstract and modern rugs don't really have value like the traditional ones do. Other trends come and go but traditional rugs have withstood the test of time and are the most adorned rugs even today. 

Investment Carpets

The Persian carpets, Indo-Persian, Afghani Kilims, and the Oriental rugs are the traditional ones and they are making a solid comeback. Modern interiors are being decorated and fused with traditional elements and carpets are a sure-shot way of adding that traditional flair and luxury to the space in one go. The styles are the age-old classic ones. For Kilims, it is mostly geometric patterns in bold colours whereas the Oriental and Persian and Indo-Persian carpets showcase designs inspired by nature whether it is birds, flowers, plants, gardens or animals. 

The craft, theme and emotion of traditional rugs have evolved very little, modernism is brought into them by the use of contemporary colours. People have started recognising the true value of traditional rugs and don't mind paying top rupees as their value increases over time. They are what we call 'investment carpets'.