Ceramic Planters To Swing Chairs: Redo Your Garden With Decor From Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's face it: even the prettiest bouquets don't last for more than a week. In fact, if you're considering gifting your friends or family something green, check out garden decor options at Hybiscus on Cunningham Road. From potted plants, and creepers, garden gnomes and succulents to garden-themed gifts and birdbaths, there's a whole lot to choose from and they last a lot longer than flowers!

Just walking towards the store will have you itching to decorate your garden. There's a stone walkway that is flanked by animal sculptures, garden Buddhas and huge potted plants (imported from countries like Vietnam and Malaysia) that will make your inner plant lady scream. Explore the many options they have in store: a whole range of planters (we spotted ones shaped like teacups, hanging coir planters and bright clay planters), wall decor and animal sculptures (heads up, the ducks looked very realistic, guys!). Everything is handmade, and upon request, they can source specific types of planters (or available ones in different glazes and sizes) too. Outside, you'll find swing sets and large vases for bigger plants.

All the plants you see are available for sale (yes the trees too!) since they have their own nursery and source from local ones as well. They have an indoor section with fertilisers, basic gardening accessories (like hooks, stands, and the like), and small garden/plant themed gifts too.