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Get A Strawberry Or Chocolate Ice Cream Mani Pedi Right At Home With This Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    MyGlamm has just introduced a fun range of fruity, chocolatey spa products for mani-pedis, which will totally remind you of ice cream. The products come from California-based popular bath and body company Me!Bath, and smell so good, you might want to eat them.

    First of all, the MyGlamm app does away with the whole business of having to make yourself go over to a salon to get yourself a manicure and pedicure. Your home is now your salon, and all you need to part with is some hot water. That’s all! Everything else is taken care of by the MyGlamm folks.

    What I loved is that the technician Purobi, who came to my place, first of all spread sheets of plastic on the floor, took out all her gadgets and organised them neatly.

    The technician gave me sachets of green tea (all part of the Me!Bath spa kit experience) in chocolate and strawberry flavours, because those were the flavours I chose for my pedi and mani. Then she also offered to light up a similar flavoured candle to create an atmosphere of sorts. She began by cutting and filing my nails, cleaning them, pushing back cuticles and removing annoying dead skin. Next up was Sherbet, a lovely sugar scrub with the goodness of jojoba oils.

    Purobi then proceeded to apply a mask (with glycerin and clay) that did smell of fresh strawberries and chocolate. The mask was very hydrating, and so was the flavoured cream (called Body Icing) she used to give me an excellent massage. The rich cocoa and shea butter in the cream felt very luxurious on my hands and feet. Purobi then finished the session my painting my nails in some bright pop colours. It will cost you INR 2,700 for a Me! Bath mani-pedi.


    The session is rather long (two hours), so sit back with your favourite book and get ready to really relax.

      Available Online