Pick Up Flowering Plants For As Low As INR 20, And Succulents For 100 At This Nursery!

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The Indo-American Hybrid Seed Gardening Center is the perfect plant mall, whether you're looking to start a garden, or add a touch of green at home

What Makes It Awesome

Looking to spruce up your home (inside or out) with some greenery and pops of colour? There’s a plant for every season, space and type of nurturer at the Indo American Hybrid Seed Garden Center in Banashankari. The garden center exudes a feeling of serenity (mostly for being in the middle of a residential part of the area), and the visuals of the rows and rows of green with pops of bright colour is a healing experience by itself.

Should this not convince you to pick up some plants, let us be the one to tell you that you get bright, flowering plants for a sweet price of INR 20! Geraniums, wild flowers, chrysanthemums, marigold, morning Glory and bougainvillea plants too! Flowers do require a tad more care than non-flowering ones, so if you’re looking for something ornamental (indoors or outdoors), they have a whole bunch of those too starting at INR 50 right from ferns and indoor palms, to giant cacti and Bonsai fruit trees. 

For those of us who have space constraints and live in apartments, they have an entire section dedicated to indoor, table and hanging plants with succulents, jade plants, cute little cacti starting at INR 100 and (imported) orchids as well. These are perfect for people who love flowers but don’t want to deal with mud, because orchids grow in charcoal! Or you could just ask them for their miniscapes (green, compact arrangements) and hanging terrariums. Being gardening center, they do have a section for basic garden decor, pots and planters to host your green baby!


They sell hybrid seeds for flowering, fruit and veggie plants for your kitchen garden, or mini-farming needs,  as well as exotic plants. Also check out their nursery in Ulsoor, if South Bangalore is too far away for you.