Where To Score Gorgeous Nose Pins And Rings Online

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If you were a rebellious kid and got your nose pierced, much to your mother’s dismay, or in fact, made her happy by getting one because well, tradition (yes, mothers can be strangely varied), it doesn’t matter. You have the nose piercing now, and here’s how you can make it interesting. We’ve chalked out some of the best places for you to get your hands, oh well, noses on some gorgeous pins and rings.


Nose Pins Sterling Silver

If you want to adorn your nose with pretty umbrellas, dainty flower petals and if you fancy maybe even a peacock dancing on the rim of your nose, Timri, which sells jewellery by Chennai-based Roia started by Rohita Vee, has some great options with a contemporary twist. Tribal designs and geometric patterns are dominating features, but the umbrella and petal nose pins are on top of our list.

Covid-19 Update: Timri has closed its retail space in Indiranagar and has moved fully online. You can place your orders there.

Price: INR 750-INR 950


Nose Pins From Levitate

For the beatnik, free-spirited soul in you, Levitate is full of artsy bohemian jewellery. Most of the trinkets on sale are hand-crafted, some even by the salesgirls at the store. Who doesn’t want a nice piece of art now? Their lotus-shaped nose pins are what we’d recommend (make sure you book yourself one in advance because these sell out fast).

Covid-19 Update: Levitate is now taking orders online and shipping pan India.

Price: INR 100-INR 1,600

Rabbit Out Of The Hat

If you’re a lover of the antiques, you’re going to be beaming with joy at this pretty sight of nose accessories. Refurbished, vintage nose pins with minimal detailing, some of which are sourced from across the world, that match your ethnic best will keep you wanting more.

Covid-19 Update: Check out their online store and Instagram handle to place orders.

Price: INR 300 – INR 1,000


Nosepins From Lai

At Lai, they believe in keeping the tradition intact. We love the filigree dangling nose ring— it’s all one you will need to amp up a basic outfit, and their hand-painted nose studs are oh-so-cute!

Covid-19 Update: Visit Lai's Instagram page click on the Linktree link in bio and shop away!

Price: INR 650-INR 2,500

Flying Fish

Nosepins From Flying Fish

Whimsical designs that would work well with Indian and western outfits, at Flying Fish you can find them all. We’re particularly digging their silver, stone studded nose pins, some featuring flowers and buttons.

Covid-19 Update: Flying Fish has launched a new collection of nose pins on their official website.

Price: INR 1,000 – INR 2,000

Karmasuthra Jewellery

Nosepins From Karmasuthra

If you’re attempting an Arundhati Roy-meets-intellectual creme de la creme kinda look, Karmasuthra can help you. Think ethnic hipster chic in loose Fab India kurtas. Get the picture? From big chunky silver nose pins to small classy ones in floral patterns, Karmasuthra has it all.

Covid-19: Karmasuthra is only taking orders through Facebook so make sure you hit them up there!

Price: On request.


Traditional Silver Nose Rings

Gaatha’s nose pins reflect authentic Indian art with basic designs that one could wear to work on a slow Monday or even to a friend’s wedding. Largely inspired by royal Rajasthani designs, Gaatha’s nose pins are for those truly traditional moods.

Covid-19 Update: Browse through their website and make a purchase right away because Gaatha is delivering pan India!

Price: INR 900-INR 1,800


Nosepins From iTokri

Basic designs for the non-experimental, Itokri has a range of sterling silver nose pins. For those who don’t have a piercing, they have an array of clip-ons too for those who want to test waters first. Covid-19 Update: Itokri's online store is operational and presently accepting orders.

Price: INR 120-INR 395


Buy Silver Nose Pins Online at Jaypore.com

Jaypore is the place to head when you want to replicate Sonam Kapoor’s look from the {in}famous Hymn For The Weekend Coldplay video. We’re donning these when we’re all dressed up in ethnic skirts, kurtas and saris. Did we also mention that they have gorgeous traditional naths, that you can totally rock for a wedding function?

Covid-19 Update: Go on a nose pin and ring shopping spree on the Jaypore's website!

Price: INR 790 upwards

Knick Knack Nook

Nose Clips From Knick Knack Nook

Don't have a nose piercing but still want to rock the look? Knick Knack Nook's collection features pins in a variety of ethnic styles that pair well with kurtas and sarees - think Om, Devi, flower and more.

Price: INR 999 (INR 299 on discount)


Nosepins From By Benaazir


A fan of quirky designs that are all about showcasing your personality and sass? We know we are, which is why we love the collection at Quirksmith. From edgy to nature-inspired, we're loving their interesting and fun designs - think a Trishul, one spelling out Maal, a Tibetan roof and even eye-catching and OTT naths.

Price: INR 600 upwards