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#JustBangaloreThings: You Know You're A Pakka Bangalorean When…

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Bangalore is not just a city. It is a culture, lifestyle and most of all, it’s home. And despite the traffic, garbage troubles and pollution, you just can’t get enough of it! And there’s really nothing like a walk down memory lane, right? Especially when it’ll hit all the right spots and nostalgia will be the order of the day! Ready? Let’s roll!

Coffee By Two: At Airlines Hotel

Let’s face it: no amount of CCDs or Starbucks can compare to the coffee {by two} at the legendary Airlines Hotel. The typical old Bangalore trees, rustic furniture, and Channa Bhatura, no matter how grungy, will always beat the swanky new cafes. Plus, it’s so multipurpose with Corner House, Pizza Stop and HAS Juice Shop inside the compound. Oh and let’s not forget the playground that never stopped folks from fooling around on the swings, despite how much they’ve outgrown the amusement. Also, we can’t help but mention the clans of people who appear here for smoke-breaks.

Meter-Mele-30: Auto Rickshaws

If you haven’t had to deal with an auto-driver who’s tried conning you, you are definitely not Bangalorean enough. Or you’re still in denial and think you paid the right amount! One must learn to master the art of arguing with these auto-wallahs because the fare depends on the time of day, the weather, knowledge of the language and also their prospects of getting customers from your destination. Oh! And just their mood. Love them or hate them, you just can’t do without them. Of course, there are exceptional chaps, who go without complaint, and even treat you to entertaining chatter, disco music, and all at no extra cost!

Illustrations: Shikha Nambiar

Dates, Err, Tree Hugging At Lalbagh

When you are high up on the dating scene during your school or college years, and you are not well-financed, there are only a few places your dates would be at — the malls {where there’s no shopping involved, mind you}, Cafe Coffee Day and mainly, the most eventful ones — the parks. Of course, at the likes of Lalbagh, personal space is but an illusion because the whole world and their grandfather will be around. Besides the numerous other love-birds, you will have to face the “holy people” who bless you with ten children and a prosperous love life. No, thank you.

Midnight Munchies: Let's Go To Empire, Da

After all the insane dancing and downing of drinks, when you step out of a party, you are bound to be hungry. After all, who could be bothered to remember to eat while grooving away. GPS will automatically set to your nearest Empire Restaurant. Most times, the staff will know your order too. Open up until 1am, the chain is a true saviour. No two ways about that!

Ice & Spice And All Things Nice

Actually named Truffles {nobody calls it that, ever!}, Ice & Spice is a hot spot for the students in the neighbouring schools and colleges at each of their outlets. The resto-cafe is a favourite for the foody on a budget. And of course, a great spot for a budget date. It’s also a fine spot to catch up with friends, especially for those who want to go have the burgers and milkshakes for ‘old times’ sake’; that’s really the entire city!

Dressing Up For Window Shopping At UB City

A visit to UB City means you have to be dressed in your best. The most expensive mall in the city {but maybe not un-shoppable?} expects you to suit its standards, while you make an event out of it. Of course, you haven’t ever bought anything from the stores there, but you have nonetheless scoured through each one of them. But you always end up going to the beautiful food court, take a few photos at the amphitheatre that overlooks a beautiful cityscape and grabbed some food from the cafes and restaurants there. We have all made promises to ourselves that someday, we will actually buy something at the mall.

Blossoms - The Wonderland Of Books

Proving that magic is real, with its capability to keep stacks of hundreds of books without the slightest hint of chaos, Blossoms is a hotspot for bookworms. First visits are met with hysteria, shock and {sometimes} tears of joy, for obvious reasons. Leaving you frustrated with the thought of picking only a few and not all of them, their collection is next level. From adult colouring books, travel tales, almost-faded Mills & Boon, spanking new Harry Potters and obscure novels {Christian Jacq, anyone?} – not the elaborate beautiful designs kind}. But seriously, what is the secret behind how they are all stacked up so effortlessly, there’s practically nothing they don’t have. And now we have two of these gorgeous stores!

So, call her Bangalore, Bengaluru or the Ooru, she is home and there’s no place better than home!