An English Home, Sun Rooms & Cosy Nooks: This Coonoor Cottage Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale


    A quaint English cottage nestled away amidst greens and a gated community, Kenilworth Cottage in Coonoor is for the baes, solo travellers, and BFFs. Plus, it’s the perfect summer getaway!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Picture a charming English cottage with gabled roofs, large French windows, spacious rooms, and a garden that’s perfect to enjoy Coonoor’s breezy weather. Kenilworth Cottage is exactly that and more. Located in a gated community, just off the town centre, the cottage is the ideal opportunity to escape Bangalore’s blistering heat. And whether you are a solo traveller looking to unwind and relax with a bestseller, or a couple looking to spend the weekend romancing in the hills, the bed and breakfast setup will sort you out.

    Just like in Enid Blyton books, the entire cottage is furnished with odd knicks, a bookshelf, and several curios. A spacious sunroom is for you to laze around during the day or when taking an afternoon siesta. Bring a board game or switch on your wireless speakers and listen to some music — the space is perfect for just chilling out. It’s also pretty Insta-worthy, so be sure ‘Gram it right!

    Within the cottage, there’s not much to do, but you can grab yourself some tea or coffee and head out to the garden and enjoy your cuppa. The host who also stays on the property is a charming lady who will help you out with anything from guiding you to local attractions to helping you settle in. Be sure to ask for her homemade meals (extra charges) if you are not planning on cooking here. 


    Since Kenilworth is not too far from the popular Sim’s Park, we recommend strolling down to it, and soaking in the hill station vibes (and non-polluted air). The park is a botanical garden, meaning there’s plenty of flora, fauna, and benches to sit around and take in all of nature. But always keep an umbrella handy, as it the weather turns very quickly.