Cream Buns, Chiffon Cake And Milk Bread From A Little Korean Bakery In Kammanahalli

    Kammanahalli, Bangalore


    If you’re craving some Asian-flavoured desserts baked by someone called Mr. Gadget then you definitely can’t miss out on Korean Bakery in Kammanahalli.

    Baked In Korea

    This little Korean bakery is run by Jee Jun Goo, also known as Mr Gadget, who’s been a Bangalorean for the past four years. The cafe is small and easily identifiable thanks to a little hanging sign {just follow Google maps}. Parking was easy to find, since the neighbourhood is primarily residential. We stepped in and were greeted by the warm scent of freshly baked goodies. Mr Gadget greeted us immediately, and stood politely to the side while we observed his selection. The cafe was sparsely decorated, and a bit messy {but still clean}. Turns out they’re in the process of shifting to a new location, so currently it’s more of a take-away cafe than a place to sit and eat.

    A Bun In The Oven

    There were numerous things to choose from, and while some looked more appetising than others, we decided to go out of our comfort zone a little! We picked up a green bean bun, a ‘swan’ cake {chocolate with more chocolate in it}, a raisin bun, a chiffon sponge cake and a cream bun. Mr. Gadget even threw in a free loaf of milk bread for us, warm and fresh out the oven!

    The green bean bun was probably the weirdest thing we picked up — although soft and tasty, the green bean was definitely a new flavour for us, and not everyone was a fan. We loved the chocolate cake; we threw it in the microwave to melt the chocolate chips a bit and gobbled it right up. The chiffon cake was insane — the texture was soft and fluffy, and it was just the right amount of sweet. The raisin bun was a little dry and a bit lacking on the raisin front. The cream bun was the sweetest item, and was filled with cake cream and vegetable cream. Strange, but so good! The loaf of bread was an office favourite, thanks to the soft and slightly sweet flavour, and made for a great Nutella sandwich.


    Check out their mini-pizzas, they looked delicious and we’re heading straight for them the next time we go!

      Kammanahalli, Bangalore