Get Major Makeover Inspo From India Circus' Krsnaa Mehta's New Alibaug Home

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Krsnaa Mehta, the design director for India Circus, an online home decor and accessories brand, has a new home in Alibaug and we are crushing on the vibe and aesthetic. It's best described as a tropical wonderland (courtesy the many decor elements from his brand India Circus that dot the space). The 6,000 square-feet property is located in Awas, and it's spread out to include gazebos, a terrace, a private pool, and a view of the Arabian Sea. 

The property is built by Rajesh Bhaskaran of Earth Weavers with design firm H&A Design + Build's Hamza Singaporewala and Aditya Ghosalkar doing the interiors. "Make it a space where every element is reflective of my aesthetic yet brings the magic of modern art come together from every angle" says Mehta. 

If lots of colours, contemporary designs, Indian motifs, tropical vibes, and an eclectic decor aesthetic are your jam, then, read on. 

It's A Circus Of Colour In Here

From the living room to the bedroom, and the walls to the furniture, we spotted over 20 products that are from India Circus at Krsnaa Mehta's new home. Wallpaper, cushion covers, home accents, bedding, dining, and even seating and furniture are part of India Circus' home decor range. At the time of publishing the recommendation, all the products are currently available on their website, so feel free to browse through the collection. 

Say No To Boring Walls


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One thing we noticed is that none of the walls in the house are plain and boring. They either feature wallpapers or are done up in solid colours and have some wall accent in the form of wall art and mirrors. Mehta says "Wall art in the house is supposed to mesmerize you and take you on a journey". We agree with this. 

Of the wallpapers, we loved the Warbled Verdue wallpaper on the dining room wall. If you can't have wallpaper on your wall, the next best thing is to fill up the space with mirrors, posters and photo frames. Brands such as Going Desi has a range of wall art that include modern art, Indian motifs, and abstract. You can also consider The Tassle Life and Accessory Funk for their dreamcatchers and tropical/boho wall accents. Check out Yatha and DoorToHome for beautiful photo frames and Mohh for contemporary mirrors. 

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Furnishing That Makes Your Space Pop


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Mehta's home is designed to reflect its surroundings -- lots of flowers, plants, and birds. So naturally, the cushion covers such as Bird Land, Flower Regalia, and Forest Fetish featured on the seating, beds, and various spots all reflect that. Brands like Kairu has a range of printed cotton cushion covers that come with floral motifs. Another brand is Home - The Best Is For You which has printed cushion covers with Indian floral motifs. Consider checking out Tara for their embroidered cushion covers. Kirti Finishing has cushion covers similar to the India Circus aesthetics. 

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It's All About The Accent


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Home accents dot Mehta's home and we spotted contemporary designs in the form of frosted glass vases, curious like animal statues and folk art statues such as Pattachitra Cow and Magnolia Wooden Mask, and vintage pieces like jugs and candle holders. Tayhaa is one of our favourite brands for textured glass vases along with OsmosBlomma Donna is what we recommend for contemporary vases. Check out Hand N Art and Amoliconcepts for their figurines. 

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Cosy Bedding For The Win

We spotted quilts and rajais in the bedroom (Jungle Quilt & Rajai) and we love that there's so much cosiness to the whole bed. We LOVE spending our entire day (if not lives) in our beds, so naturally, we are always looking for brands that do cosy bed linen. 

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Dinner Is Served In Style

Decor Lane

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Our favourite section is always the dinnerware section in any house or store, and Mehta's India Circus collection of dinnerware consists of the floral collection. If floral prints are your jam when it comes to serveware and dinnerware, brands like Crok Chok and August Collectives are worth checking. 

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Seat Of Comfort

Amoli Concepts

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Contemporary meets trendy is what we could gather from the seating options at Mehta's house. We spotted rattan chairs by the pool, plush sofas in the living space, vintage stools, and pouffes dotting the space. We have a whole range of brands on LBB that does furniture, so definitely take a look at Amoliconcepts and Mianzi. 

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