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Welcome To LBB! Let's Get You Started On Discovering Awesome

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Hey there! If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to discover something awesome! Now that you’ve downloaded the LBB app, you’re already halfway there. What is LBB, you ask? We’re here to help you find awesome local brands, be it for skincare, snacks, home decor or a cool new food delivery service. We want to give you the best possible experience of these local brands and businesses from start to finish, and here’s how. 


Love finding new local brands, services, and events? We got you! Navigate through our shortcuts, search bars, or video reviews to get the most authentic experience of a brand (short of buying it yourself!). Be it local communities (from NGOs to book clubs), the hottest new brand for the spiciest hot sauce, a vintage furniture store that now retails online, or personal trainers that go the extra mile, there’s something for you here.  


Found an awesome brand? You can recommend it on LBB! Just click on the little camera button on the home screen, upload pictures or videos of your discovery (or discoveries, if you want to tell us about a list of awesome things you found), and make a recommendation. These will be featured, and you can share them with everyone! Found a zero waste, vegan, handmade soap brand? Tell us! Found a food delivery service that has waste-free packaging? Show us! In the medium that makes you most comfortable, we want to know. The best part? You get points that you can redeem on purchases within the app. 


If you see something you like, and want to buy it, on LBB you probably can! Tried and tested by the LBB team, you can bet it’s the best of the best available just for you. Just click on the shop section and explore all our offerings from sustainable clothing brands, personal care products, zero waste lifestyle products, and even stationery. Whatever part of the country you’re in, we deliver, free shipping (and sometimes on the same day!). You can track your order on the app, and Click on the Shop Now option to add to cart! Don’t forget to use your perks for discounts. 

Attend Events

Not a shopper? Not a problem. We have teamed up with some pretty cool brands and communities to bring more than just their tangible products. Oh yes, you can learn how to make vegetable dyes, vegetable skin masks, and vegetable stir fry too among other things. For you more ambitious folks, we have webinars and interactive discussions on everything from how to scale up your business to how to make the best of influencer marketing. And if you’re just looking for something fun, there’s always our mixology sessions and game nights for you to enjoy. 

Be An Insider

The more you recommend, the closer you are to being our go-to peeps for testing out new products, brands, and attending exclusive events. Yes, we love showing love, and if you’re an expert or authority on any of the categories we have on board, you can be an insider. Insiders also get exclusive access to events, and get to be a part of our community. What’s cool is that insiders get more points for making recommendations, videos, and even shopping on LBB. It’s a win-win-win situation.